We have set ourselves the goal of being a leading strategic supplier for our customers, in the field of assembling systems and manufacturing with advanced technologies.

To have the ability and capacity to provide our customers with a complete turn-key machine assembly on the end customer's home, including integration and integrated assemblies We have the ability to provide services in machining, packaging, electro-mechanical, cabling, electronics and more

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Machining Center with 5 Axis & 64 Tables


Machining Center up to Dia. 350 mm


Engineering support for solving solution

for our costumers


Assembly 3D machines,digital printing


Assembly Accurate sub assembly for all our machines.

BID Assembly

Assembly BID's for HP indigo , full control by SPC software.

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Manufacturing processes

Production processes are controlled by statistical process control (SPC).

system that supports the production processes while implementing advanced management and operation approaches.

LEAN, PDN, CRM, KANBAN Which provides to our customers to competitive in the market

with the highest level of quality costs and short delivery times with flexibility to customers requirements.

Our Clients

Our clients include leading companies in Israel and abroad

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