35 years of tradition and farming

Shalom, me and my family approach you and request your help and support to keep alive our organic farm,

after 35 year of toil and loving care - Now in grave danger of destruction.

 My wife and I, children and grandchildren tend the fruit trees and gardens, shepherding our herd of goats. Conducting therapy for many needy youths with great success. Guiding overseas groups and families and strengthening their ties and love to Israel. All for the good of the land and the people. Thanks god

In order to deal with the difficulties imposed on us, we turn to you for help!

Amir and Yael Dromi

 B"H כל תרומה יכולה לעזור ולסייע להמשיך את פעילות חוות שמשון והצלת המשפחה.

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