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Hello Guys This Web will support you an applications Answer to LSRP Enjoy .

Metagaming is using out of character information in character. Inciting someone to metagame is also against the rules.
* If I'd like to talk with someone on phone and he is not close to me, I can't send him a message on pm like "What is your phone number?" or something like that, that is metagaming, you must ask someone or just ask him when you'll meet, there're many ways to be creative at your roleplay, so just think what would you do if it was the real life.
* If you log on the forum and you see there a nice faction that sees really good, and you see there where they are hanging and where they are making their drugs or something, you can't just come there and start your roleplay, you must make a roleplay reason to your coming.

Powergaming The first is performing acts that just aren't humanly possible. The other is forcing roleplay on to someone else not giving them a proper chance in the roleplay.
* If you eat at the pizza stack and suddenly someone try to shoot someone else and unpredictable he shot you, you can't just run away, you must lay on the ground and rp that, like you died or just got hurt and just survive it.
* If you did something illegal and the police is after you, and unfortunately you jumped into the water and started swimming, you can't swim like four hourse because it's not realistic, you must act your roleplay like you got tired or something.

] .: My name is xxx_xxx, I was born in 1980, in Israel.
I was born to my parents, my mother's name is Jennifer and my father's name is xxx.
Despite the fact that my father was a Jewish and my mother is a Muslim They loved each other.

My father dead when I was five years old, in 1985,
I am proud to mention the fact that my father served in the Israel Air Forces, he was a fighter pilot.
He served several years in the army untill an unfortunate accident, one day, we lost him, in an operation.
The Israeli Air Force decided going on an operation,xxx's plane was hit by a rocket, his aircraft fell down and totally destroyed.

One day, I was in my house with my mother and my brother, suddenly we heard knocks on the door,
My mother walked over the door, looked at the door-eye and saw my father's commanding officer,
the commander talked to my mother, I felt like something nasty happened, My mother suddenly burst into tears, and told us the tidings.
We could not deal with the pain and suffering so we decided to move to Los Santos and there we started our new life.