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Filing Tax Return:
Regardless of where you live, being a United States citizen or a green card holder requires that you file a yearly tax return with the IRS.  As long as your annual gross income (earned in the US and/or abroad) is just over the limits specified below, you must submit your tax return forms.

Single under age 65 $12,000
Single age 65 or older $13,600
Married filing jointly, both spouses under 65 $24,000
Married filing jointly, one spouse age 65 or older $25,300
Married filing jointly, both spouses 65 or older $16,600
Married filing separately, any age $5.00
Head of household under age 65 $18,000
Head of household age 65 or older $19,600
Qualifying widow(er) under age 65 $24,000
Qualifying widow(er) age 65 or older $25,300
Income from self-employment $400
Dependent unearned income under age 65 * $1,050
Dependent earned income under age 65 * $12,000
 Reporting thresholds for dependents may vary based on the marital status and age of the dependent.

In addition, you'll have to file a tax return if you owe any special taxes, such as the additional tax on a qualified retirement plan, such as the additional tax on a qualified retirement plan, including individual IRAs or other tax-favoured accounts.

Nonresident aliens:

A Nonresident alien should file a tax return if he was engaged in a trade or business, including any financial or real estate investment in the United States during the tax year even if he had no income.

US-Taxstar main focus and specialty is providing a professional quality tax advisory and filing services to individuals and small businesses around the globe.

After a free consultation meeting or a conference call, our professional team will carefully analyse your personal and financial data.  Following that, we will tell you about our filing strategy.  This strategy will ensure that you pay the minimum tax while receiving the highest refund that is allowed by law if eligible.
The Filing Information page on the web site will allow you to simply and securely send us all the supporting documents the are needed to complete your tax return.

Our mission is to make the complex U.S. taxation system simple for you by providing the most affordable and professional services available.

Our services:
● Federal Tax return for US and Non-US Residents
● Federal Tax Return for corporations
● State Tax return
● Filing previous years tax returns with Streamline Foreign Offshore procedure
● FATCA Compliance including FBAR - FinCen 114
● Real Estate taxation
● Foreign investment taxation in the US
● ITIN Application
● Opening corporations in the US
● Tax advisory
● Tax planning
● Personal financial planning
● Retirement planning
● Providing advice and guidance in case of an Audit


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