Print Electronics 
    Time To Market experts 
    with fast production turnaround from 24h
Our Company 
A professional High-tech PCB Manufacturer with a wide customer base and more than 30 years of production experience

Our Service
Production of Printed Circuits Boards including DFM & QA services.A partnership with leading overseas PCB manufacturers from Asia,Europe and America.
  Our Product  
We offer a wide range of PCB’s: Rigid,Flex & Flex- Rigid 

 Print Electronics

was established in 1982 and located in Rishon LeZion.
Our core business is small to medium production lot in a very short lead time starting from 24h.
For mass production business we use our oversea partners.
A consistence investment in state of the art equipment and professional manpower enable Print to support any technology available in PCB market with the highest production standards. 
We are always welcome new challenges and providing creative solutions.


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Tel: 03-9611168 ext. 109-110

WIP & delivery follow up


Tel: 03-9611168 ext. 201

Customer service


Tel: 03-9611168 ext. 108


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