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Company profile


Print Electronics provides TTM (Time To Market) solutions with fast production turnaround from 24h.

With our state of the art equipment, skilled manpower and 30 years of experience we served hundreds of satisfied customer every year from all different industry segments in very short production cycles.
As a certified supplier from UL,ISO and IPC we are obligated to high quality products.


Facts & Figures  

Established: 1982

Location: Rison Le-Zion

Type: Private owned

Business segment: Production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

Employees: 90

Production capacity: 30 new jobs per day

Average layer count (2013): 10

Product Mix: 75% rigid , 25% flex 

Vision & Strategy 

Keep a consistent high level of services and products.

Investing in our most important asset – the employee and providing the best environment, resources and tools for success.   

Overseas partners 

For more than 15 years Print is working with its overseas partners to support the Israeli market needs.

Our annual purchase volume enables us to achieve very competitive prices and terms.

Our advantages are:


  • Print China operations with 4 engineering’s in our Shenzhen office.
  • CAM\Engineering process and pre-production support by Print Israel team.
  • Consistence quality control and frequent audit programs to each of our overseas suppliers.

Sales inquiries


Tel: 03-9611168 ext. 109-110

WIP & delivery follow up


Tel: 03-9611168 ext. 201

Customer service


Tel: 03-9611168 ext. 108


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