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Lecturer tables

Lecturer tables

Position specifications:

The stand includes a metal cage in a stationary computer speaker that fits on the bottom of the table selected by the customer.
At the top of the table are combined:
Computer screen 19 "/ Lecturer screen shielding casing made of metal decorative contemporary design.
Panel connections - built-in screen protection shell Lecturer: VGA + Sound, USB, network, and electricity.
Visit PIXIE control - unique controller imported and marketed by our company allows control of multimedia equipment installed in a position in a simple and easy to use through the panel circuit breakers.
Visit the control is completely independent. Does not require the support of a computer or other means.
Variety of connection options: A Preview: projectors, screens LCD / Plasma.
Display media: computer, DVD, VCR, camcorder objects / documents, TV (satellite / cable), and more.
Audio System: automatically synchronized display source you want to use.
How does the position
Select the display source: PC / Laptop, DVD, video, or any media, is just one click and allows the lecturer easy operation without cumbersome and need technical assistance. Display appears on the screen position and projected in parallel. Sound system automatically accompanies the source of the desired display.
After my talk is shut down automatically. Electronic equipment permanently locked position. No need to dismantle the equipment and cabling. Combining measures of light - toast and technology during a lecture.

What's in the pack:

1 - an elegant combination of metal table and decorative wooden cover.
2 - + Turnover metal cage for desktop computer - the computer allows access to the front only.
3 - Lecturer screen protective casing made of metal decorative contemporary design.
4 - Connections panel screen protective shell built-in speaker: VGA + Sound, USB, network, and electricity.
5 - Screen 19 ".
6 - Visit clickable PIXIE

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