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Wagons cabinets 19'

Wagons cabinets 19'
Wagons cabinets 19'


All cabinets are manufactured at the Group's packaging.

The wagons cabinets  reinforced by a unique aluminum profile grants from Reouel strength and higher loading capability with on the ark.

The only foundation of a series of Israeli TOUGHRACK technology produced 19 when the width of the wardrobe (except - except) can reach up to - 550 mm, thereby saving space "expensive" in the command trailer, mobile command post vehicle model and so on.

Msocc by exclusive pacifier from Raoal - ULTRAFLEX, by customer specifications and equipment AG by weight of the foundation.

Pacifier rear of the closet caught Lraoal unique smoothing method without drilling solely with on the ark.

The foundation of a laboratory confirmations environmental conditions at the level of MIL-STD-810G.

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