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mcs Canal Adapter 60

mcs Canal Adapter 60


Modular system allows combining a variety of different types of outlets.
The system is built from one cell divided into two parts which you can embed into electricity outlets, phone outlets, fiber optic outlets, RJ45 jacks, audio outlets and cable systems.
MCS canal adapter can be installed in all canal solution 60X120.

MCS CANAL ADAPTER 60 comes with I.S.O (Israeli Owner Standards)

Using OptionsUsing Options

System designed specifically for use in a multi devices \ regular devices.
The special structure allows electrical connection, telephone, computer, and outlets for different uses in one such fiber optic outlets, coax cables and more.
MCS system suitable for installation in offices, laboratories, educational institutions, and domestic environment to connect the computers, audio systems, appliances, etc.


• Designed and innovative system.
• Installation is easy and convenient.
• Possibility of a combination of outlets for different purposes.
• Customize each individual workstation.
• Variety of colors to choose from.
• Structure electrical outlet angle for optimum usage.

Material and Decoration

Decoration: HIGH POLISH
ISO 32 included.


length: 120 mm.
height: 60 mm.

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