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MCS Outlets Systems Partition

MCS Outlets Systems Partition


Box which can be applied all devices
Suitable for the MCS,
The special structure of this box allows Chaining
Two directions and create solutions for problematic environments.
This system is suitable for installation in offices, laboratories,
Institutions - education, independent outlets bars,
Racks, in Screen covers etc.
ISO: 22917

Using Options

System designed specifically for use in a multi devices.
Chaining capability in both directions allows installation in office partitions, creating compositions of bars outlets laboratory positions,
19-inch cabinets, etc.

• Chaining capability in two directions to create Surface as needed
• Designed and innovative system.
• Installation is easy and convenient.
• Possibility of a combination of outlets for different purposes.
• Customize each individual workstation.
• Structure electrical outlet angle for optimum usage

Material and Decoration

Decoration: HIGH POLISH
ISO 32 included


Length: 110 mm.
Width: 53 mm.
Depth: 47 mm.

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