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IEC-13 Power Stripes

IEC-13 Power Stripes
IEC-13 Power Stripes


Power strip made ​​from an aluminum gives strength and continuity of the grounding strip to the body cabinet.
Line contains electrical outlets all existing types with international standards and the Israeli standard.

Electrical outlets are possible:
Israeli, American, IEC-13, IEC-19 and more.
PDU can hanging on 19' cabinets and the long PDU can hanging in the side of the cabinet in condition of ZERO - U.
Israeli outlets comes in 19' version with 6 / 12 outlets with circuit breaker 16 ampere

PDU for servers cabinet come with 19'' 12 outlets IEC-13 or 24 outlets IEC-13 plus Breaker.

Sizes of 19' PDU:

- Center holes: 465 mm
- Width: 55 mm
- Length: 430 mm
- Depth: 50 mm

Measurements for 12 israeli outlets:

- Width: 55 mm
- Length: 760 mm
- Depth: 50 mm


Polycarbonate plastic
Aluminum Body

*You can add lightning protection or overvoltage all stripes are displayed

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