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 Dry extinguisher

The new generation of fire extinguishers.The elegant cylinder who extinguishes all types of fire, without causing harm to humans, electronic equipment and documents.Easy to use, does not require an annual audit.

Lifesaving equipment must be in all vehicles, kitchens, camping and a computer room.

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 Signal Helmet

Vital safety accessory for any motorcycle rider,

Transmits the brake and turn signal lights to the back of the helmet, at the driver's behind eye level.

Combined with motorcycle theft prevention system 


 Anti Stab Shirts

Elegant Polo or T Service Shirts

Slash and comfortable to wear for long hours.

Special stab and slash shirts resistance.

Suitable for policemen, security guards, supervisors, wardens and medical personnel 


 Bulletproof Vest

Composite materials, bullet-proof vests Ultra-lightweight design.

Ergonomic design for maximum comfort.Special VIP model wear over or under clothing.

Models for police and soldiers.

Level of protection in accordance with NIJ 01.01.06 US Standard.

Ceramic ballistic ultra-light weight plates 

 Smart Street Light

Wireless solutions for smart lighting control systems.The integrated solution for saving energy, control, security and assistance to citizens.

LED headlights sophisticated and durable enable remote control of lighting intensity, a security system and a system for communication between citizens and emergency center.As well as special mobile lighting poles enable rapid deployment integrated audio and video system with VMD sensor.

Especially suitable EU program for energy savings 


 Field Stretchers

Special rescue stretcher for casualties from the wreckage and traffic accidents.

Lightweight folding Stretchers.

Designed according to the experience and knowledge gained
on the rescue and medical aid forces


 Car Kit

Car Kit

Life-saving gift for any driver

In a comfortable pouch, dry fire extinguisher, LED flashlight, safety light-patch and keeping awake gum


 More products

We splay variety of equipment for survival and safety in field


Cavendish Holdings International Ltd. is private owned company and a global provider of life-saving products, established in. Cavendish team consists of highly experienced professionals, having extensive experience in R&D and manufacturing of innovative products and solutions, friendly and easy to use in time of emergency situations.

Cavendish operates local representatives in 32 countries worldwide, enabling the company to better address the local needs and features. Cavendish keeps a sensitive ear and is always on the lookout for new ideas, products and challenging projects, to which we harness out extensive military and police experience, directed to meet our customer's needs.                                                                                                                 Read more >>  


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