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About us

Cavendish Holdings International Ltd.
Is a private own company and a global provider of life-saving products.
Cavendish team consists of highly experienced professionals, having extensive experience in R&D and manufacturing of innovative products and solutions, friendly and easy to use in time of emergency situations.

Cavendish operates local representatives in 40 countries worldwide, enabling the company to better address the local needs and features. Cavendish keeps a sensitive ear and is always on the lookout for new ideas, products and challenging projects, to which we harness out extensive military and police experience, directed to meet our customer's needs. 


The challenge

Civilian population finds itself daily under constant attack by violent forces and for endless reasons.
In other cases we are all subject to tragic events such as house fire, car accidents, rubbery, rape, arson and other unpredicted events.
We can't address or predict every possible event, but we at Cavendish Group, offer some solutions that might keep you, your family, your friends, neighbors and co workers better protect.

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