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Dry Extinguisher
A world Patent.
The uniqueness of our fire extinguisher  form any standard fire extinguishers:

1. No need to check what type of fire - extinguisher suitable for extinguishing all types of fire. (Ordinary fire extinguishers for fire fall Class A - solid, class B- liquids,  Type C gases, Type D - chemical materials, type E - electricity)

2. Simple operation - using removable ring as a drink can. Unlike ordinary fire extinguishers that require  before activation removing the pin , and operating in a non-routine non-professional user.

3. Does not cause damage to objects which he turns, the human body, computers and environmentally friendly .

4. Simple maintenance - no need to check the correctness every year as  regular extinguisher requiring  inspection by a qualified professional every year (financial cost), durable and moisture conditions of heat and cold.

5. Long shelf life - manufacturer warranty to 5 years can last 15 years.

6. Running Time - 50 to 100 seconds depending on the model, unlike normal fire extinguisher runs from 7 to 11 seconds.

7. Small size allows to keep it at home, kitchen, car, boat and anywhere high availability.

8. Transportation - is not sensitive to pressure changes and approve to transfer in
normal flight Unlike ordinary fire extinguishers

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