About Ruha

Ruha - an artist and creator who was exposed some twenty years ago to the broad and enchanted world of art.

Since being captivated by its charms, she has worked on decorating objects made of glass and porcelian, as well as furniture and fabric.
With a collection of painting styles, colors and contrasting hues and with her unique style that she has developed over the years, she blends and integrates one with other into a single work of art, creating new textures in the colors and shapesthet from the heart of her world - her artwork.

Her works express and are characterized by her spesial personality, with great attention to the details that affect thought and imagination in a exceptional manner, and it is these details that causes us not to rwmain indifferent.

Ruha: "Art is a way of life for me. Art is the elixir of life within me, it is reality for me.
Creating enables mw to speak the words hidden inside me. It is essesnce me, or a part fo me".

Ruha creates art and teaches painitng at her studio, imparting to her students the experience of achievement and the tranquility of painting.

Ruha: "I create that which I feel. My painitigs reflect my inner self, the joy and the tempest fo emoyions. When my fingers "burn", the colors and materials spread out befor me and a celebration begins, a celebration of colors, texture, and from.
When i let emotion burst out onto the meterial, and it becomes possible to hear the bold and poweful sounds of the soul as a mighty symphony of color. 
Through painting i develop the abililty to relate my emotional expriences or my deepest secrets".

Today there is a new approach in the field of interior design that creates a direct connection between the objects surrounding us at home and the serving ware. Their integration creates an experience and a feeling of atmosphere that she wants to trasmit.

The calssic and unlimites charm of crating art will continue as long as it is possible.

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