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  • 23-11-2014
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Minibus Transport in Israel




Small transport – with a huge advantage

There are unique options in the transport market that can be personally suited to anyone. If a large bus is not required, and if what you are looking for is some intimacy between the passengers on a tour or on their way to an event, there is a small solution that can be a great idea. Minibus transport in Israel is the right response for limited needs of space for passengers, without forgoing any of the quality and high end service.

Up to 20 people can fit in a vehicle that is about half the size of a regular bus as we know it. Moreover, it is important to remember, that this is not in any way a compromise on the quality and comfort of the trip for each and every one of the passengers, but rather an option to reduce the size of the vehicle to provide exactly what is needed to offer the greatest transport ever.

A perfect fit for the needs of many       

There are many people who don’t feel at all comfortable in a bus with fifty people. Sometimes it may just feel too overcrowded or one may not find what they want in bus filled to capacity. Minibus transport in Israel is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to discover how a trip feels when it’s far more personal.

The back seats of the minibus in particular give a very different feeling to those in a large bus. Every turn the bus makes impacts the people at the back of the bus a little more. Therefore, many people consider minibus transport in Israel the preferred way to go. If you need transport for a small number of people for a tour or going to an event, the minibus is a winning card that is well worth considering.

Everything you need on every trip

In order to emphasize the degree to which the quality of small transport is maintained in comparison to buses, we will tell you about the accessories that can be found in a great quality minibus, that you can find in serious transport companies. There is a DVD system, strong air conditioning, a great sound system including microphones, impressive seats, wide windows and other elements that validate minibus transport in Israel as suited anyone with high expectations.

Here is the possibility of getting service that is precisely suited to the personal requirements of those who don’t need to transport a great many people. On the roads today you can seenot only large luxury buses but also quite a lot of minibuses on their way to vacation spots, tours, events and celebrations, conventions or anywhere else, and in them you can see people sitting comfortably and relaxed, enjoying every moment of their trip.

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