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  • 23-11-2014
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Transport to Ben Gurion Airport



Arrive in comfort from anywhere in the country

Ben Gurion Airport is the major gateway for all air traffic to and from Israel.  Whatever reason we have for flying, whether touring, taking a vacation, visiting family, for a business meeting, etc -  everyone wants to arrive at the airport  relaxed, after a comfortable and pleasant journey, and if possible, a luxurious one.

We are well aware that passengers arrive from a variety of locations in Israel. This means, there will be businessmen requiring transport to Ben Gurion Airport from the big cities such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa, and there will be groups of friends or families travelling together, or couples who wish to leave from their homes in small outlying towns and villages in the North or South. Therefore, excellent service of this kind must offer pickups from anywhere and everywhere in the country.


The service must be of the highest standard

As mentioned before, a luxury shuttle service so as to arrive at the airport after a relaxed, comfortable and pleasant journey - is something everyone would be happy to have. Maintaining a shuttle service to the airport, which provides pickups at any time of day and from every location in the country, is not quite enough. In addition, the vehicles used to transport you to the airport must be of a high standard suited to your needs, so that whether you are a group or just a couple, you will have the comfort and space you deserve.


Your luggage and gear must also be taken into account and given due attention, as this is part of excellent service. A pleasant and safe journey to Ben Gurion also means that your luggage and gear is safely and courteously loaded onto a modern car, bringing you and your luggage to the airport safely and pleasantly, to meet your flight.


A fleet of cars suited to every task

We mentioned the matter of arriving in a car best suited to your needs. This matter should not be treated lightly. A company that offers excellent service will ensure it owns several types of cars in order to offer service that is suited to every task. When deciding what kind of car to send you, we don’t only take into account the number of passengers; we ensure that the booking of our service will give you complete satisfaction for all of your requirements and requests.

This means, that when booking transport to Ben Gurion Airport, you may order a more luxurious and prestigious car than is used for standard trips, if we can call them that. Once you know that you can enjoy a vehicle that will fulfill your needs completely, you know that you have someone you can count on to take you from anywhere in Israel to the airport on your way abroad.

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