• 24-05-2018

Managers and owners of many companies in the economy are required to purchase suitable work clothes for their employees during the cold and rainy winter season. In fact, long clothing like shirts with a long sleeve is required for most farm workers in the winter. Moreover, additional layers of winter clothing as we provide are especially needed for workers who work outside, in cold places and in harsh weather conditions such as construction or agriculture workers, electricians, security guards, plumbers and cleaners. In addition, hot clothing is required throughout the year even in factories and businesses whose workers are required to operate in a cold or cold working environment, such as in cold rooms, warehouses, packing houses or laboratories. These clothes are recommended to order from our company in advance, before the onset of winter, and receive them in full customization to your needs. The suitability is evident in all the details of the order, including its dimensions, quantities, models, colors and prints.