Quality, Operation & Technology


The customers – external and internal – are the center of activity of the company.

The company views the provision of needs and creating of satisfaction of all its customers as a main strategic objective for its business success.


VP Production, VP Marketing / Material Chain and Quality Assurance are responsible for the proper management and operation of the processes at the level of quality under costs/budgeting and timetables as defined by the customers, while creating a two-way communication with the customer and involving him in the production and assembly process.


Each functionary in the company, including subcontracting functions, is part of an integrated functional system, supporting the production and assembly process, aiming towards developing and providing the customer needs, and therefore increasing his satisfaction. The work is carried out according to a distribution of responsibilities between the various functions and based on the work plans and the quality program defining the activities, contractual engagements, specifications, purchasing acceptance test, quality and process control, fulfilling requirements and regulations as well as the quality of the environment requirements, safety requirements, costs and timetables for execution, while using the relevant documents pertaining to each activity. The company's CEO manages the activities of these functions and carries the flag of quality.

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