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The WoozPaper Vol. 100!!!!!

Well Woozens,

We’ve come a LOOOONG way since the first issue of our beloved WoozPaper was published back on April 12th of last year. There have been tons of amazing eventz, new features, guest celebrities, contests, prizes and more than I can even remember! Luckily, I now have 100 WoozPapers I can read through to relive all those great memories :) !

So now let’s get to it…. here is our 100th edition of the WoozPaper!!!!!!!!!

Spring Break is now in full swing and Woozens are scoring points left and right for their favorite vacation destinations. Right now it looks like the Party Animals are in the lead with the Beach Bums following close behind. Keep earning points for your team by collecting items that you can read about HERE! Remember, everyone on the winning team will get 1000 Beex and a Spring Break Trophy! (BonusVIPs will also get 100 Wooz!)

Make sure to also visit the Woozworld Store to see all the latest Spring Break styles and the cutest additions to our WoozPetz family: Gwomz andGwomzettes! These new little creatures can pick up bigger suitcasez that will each earn your team 10 points! Read HERE for more info!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Cypress Anti-Bullying Poster Contest, there were some truly inspiring and amazing entries. We are now in the process of looking through your posters with Cypress and will announce the winners as soon as we decide! Good luck to everyone and great job so far!

There are also lots of new outfits available at the stores inside Woozworldso make sure to check them out!

And then of course there’s the mysterious messages that Max has discovered… read all about it HERE and help out for a chance to win 50 Wooz!

Finally, Greyson Chance is hosting a party on March 27th (next Tuesday) and he needs a unitz for it! Read how you can get involved and win some amazing prizes HERE!

Stay tuned for the Weekend Eventz Schedule coming tomorrow on the Blog!

Highlights of the Week

Monday - Everyone had lots of fun at Max’s Game Show this week despite the technical difficulties. MoreSpring Break prizes were handed out along with the usual Game Podz. Well done to all those skilled Woozens who managed to walk away with a prize!

Tuesday - For Jay’s Freestyle Hour this week you had to come up with a 4 line cheer for your Spring Break Team. There were tons of great ones both in the unitz and on Jay’s WallZ so deciding on the winners wasn’t easy. Congratz to those who took home a trophy and Spring Break prize!

Wednesday - At Mya’s Fashion Show you showed off your Spring Break Styles to win keys to compete to be the Star of the Week! After a series of themes that showcased many unique styles, the winner and newest star is… candygirl5!!!! Way to go! Go to Mya’s Woozen Walk of Fame unitz to see all our past Stars as well!

Thursday - Collect 5 new bookz and a special gift at our new bookz unitz, Grave Robber’s Land. Designed around this week’s featured bookz, The Grave Robber’s Apprentice, this creepy unitz hostedJenny’s Bookz Club! However, the second show was postponed until TODAY (Friday) at 2:00 PM. So if you haven’t heard the latest titles yet then make sure not to miss out on the readings and trivia! TheGrave Robber’s Quest is also open with 10 questions you can answer by clicking on the Info Podz to browse inside the bookz. At the end you’ll win 200 Beex and a trophy!

Friday - The Late Night with Mya Show is happening today at 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM WoozTime. With all the news and happenings this week you won’t want to miss it! Find out everything you need to know about Spring Break and the upcoming eventz in one quick show and then ask a question at the end! Most importantly, have fun!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

The theme of this week’s Unitz Design Challenge was “Spring Break Destinations”. You had to create a vacation getaway for one of the four teams to win this week and as always, you rose up to the occasion and made some really wonderful designs. Jay picked 10 top winners, who will each get 50 Wooz and atrophy, and 10 runners up, who will each get a trophy too.







__Runners Up:

hamood2010                                                                    joyous10278
haileygirl16                                                                       superpanda123
Kateryna11                                                                        Byon365
puddie88                                                                           AnnaHeartz
InnaKarenina                                                                  AnakinSky101

Woozen Articles

This week I will be awarding all the writers below with a special trophy and Yeti! Thanks to everyone who submitted an article, there were so many and they were all so great that this was no easy decision! Make sure to keep those articles coming!!

“Here We Are” by Justin648b

On the 12th of April, 2011 the first Woozpaper was published and now 50 weeks and 100 Woozpapers later; here we are. Woozworld has grown immensely over the years and the Woozpapers are a great way to show it. They represent our achievements as a Wooz-Family, and have shown us what we can accomplish. The Woozpapers bring us all together; they unite us in informing us where eventz will be and also provide a healthy competition with the Woozen Articles. We all have read the Woozpaper; whether we’re an avid reader and read it every week, or if we check it every now and then. We now close a chapter in Wooz-History, yet we open many more doors to vast achievements more possibilities. We commemorate today as the 100th Woozpaper and we continue our journey towards 100 more.

“A Coming of Time” by Callie07

Hey Woozens! I hope you’re just as excited as me to welcome the coming of the 100th WoozPaper! This is a great achievement for woozworld and the blog, as it shows that time has passed, rather sucessfully. This means that more than 100 articles later, woozworld has evolved and flourished into what it has become today. New things have been added such as WoozIn and new ways to navigate through woozworld. It also marks a time when woozens have developed. We’ve created so many things such as hospitals, schools, various game shows etc. We should be proud at how much we’ve accomplished based on our own creativity. Especially many of the great articles that have been submitted over time, and the many events and guest stars we’ve had. I’m sure we’ve all made friends and had experiences that we’re likely not to forget. So let’s celebrate this happy occasion, especially through means such as creative writing. Let’s also say thanks to the Animators and Moderators who have made this so special. Woozens keep reading the blog and submitting more articles! Always remember creativity has no bounds, and we have proved that!
Enjoy the rest of your time in woozworld!
Yours Truly,

“Tribute to the 100th WoozPaper” by Sera2

Heeeeey Woozens!
Sera2 here bringing up the heat! This is a very special article that will work as a tribute to the 100th WoozPaper! :D So I decided to say a little bit of everything with my own finishing touch ;) .
Bullying Tips.
1st) Bullying is not cool and if you think that you accomplish something by it then you are wrong.
2nd) The only way to get rid of a bully isn’t by being mean or rude in return, but to report him so that a moderator wil take the necessary actions!
3rd) Do NOT report people for reasons like: He stole my clothes from a mannequin, or because someone has high prices in his shops! You are responsible for your own mannequins! If you don’t know somebody don’t trust him and LOCK your manni ;) And if someone has high prices in his or her shop… Don’t buy anything from them, their loss not yours (duh ;p)
Tips to getting yourself some well deserved fame!
1st) Become a VIP! Trust me it does miracles ;) Simply look at the top of your qindow and close to your woozen picture where it says blog, look to the left of it and you will see the word store. Click it and then you will be able to choose from a LOT of magnificent offers to get neat stuff, and become a VIP.
2nd)Buy the new outfits that come out almost every week in the store! If you know me then you know me for buying all the new offers from the store every week! xD You don’t have to buy thigns as often as I do, BUT once per month or once every two weeks get an awesome new outfit from the store. And EVERYONE will be talking about your exclusive and awesome HOT style of yours!
3rd) This is probably the most important tip. GO TO EVENTZ!!! Always go to crowded eventz such as Mya’s Fashion Show and Late Night Show (or very early lol :p), or Jenny’s Bookz Club or any other eventz created by the animators! If you win prizes and enter contests you will earn FAME, WOOZ and everyone will be talking about how cool and chic you are ;)
Advice from a pro, by Sera2!
Congratz StylaZ for the 100th!

“WoozWorld’s 100th Blog!” by Shimla

Omg woozworld is having it’s 100th blog! I’m so excited and can’t wait to party and celebrate this special event! Now here are some tips for how to celebrate for this event!
1. Host a party thats all about woozworld and the blog.
2. If u get a chance message StylaZ for starting up our bright morning with good articles for the blog on Monday and Friday.
3. Have a sale thats has all clothes for 100 wooz or 100 beex only!
4. Have the best time of ur life and think of woozworld!
Hope this helps and remember be kind be nice cuz this day is special and have a good time!
Hope to see u at the party I’m gonna host for the 100th blog,
Shimla :)

And that concludes our 100th WoozPaper! Hope you enjoyed it and thanks to all you dedicated readers out there. It wouldn’t be the same without you!


Mysterious Findings

Hey Woozens, Max here

I’ve been noticing some strange things over the past few weeks, leading up to Spring Break (WHICH I hope you are enjoying!) and I’ve been sitting in my basement for days and days trying to put all the pieces together.

Let me recall the events for you…

As you know, Jenny and I took separate Spring Breaks this year. Before we parted for our Favorite Vacation Destinations, I attempted to create a SUPER long-range device to help us stay connected (texting and calling long distance is such a hassle! xD). While testing out the software between our devices, I received what looked like GoodOldWooz texting… but upon further examination… I am positive they are cryptic messages.

I have no idea who sent them, why they were sent, where they were sent or who was to receive them… but I did.

Some images were attached with them and I’ve attempted to reconstruct them for you to see.

I’ve launched a ResearchZ HQ Unitz where I will put my findings. I gave up on trying to solve Day 1 and would like you to help me. If you are able to successfully decode the message (read the Info Podz and submit in the Enlist Podz), I will personally give out 50W to 10 Woozens that help decode it.

If I can’t solve the other messages, I will open the next Unitz on Saturday and another on Monday so you can help.

I hope this means nothing…

P.S.  Be sure to read ALL the Info Podz; that’s key.

Greyson Unitz Design Challenge

Greyson's PianoHey Woozens,

It’s Greyson Chance and I’ve taken over the Woozworld Blog to tell you about a Unitz Design contest! If you remember my last visit, I mentioned that I would like to host a party here in Woozworld. I asked you to post on my WoozIn telling me a party theme.

Well, I wanted to actually see them! I saw that Jay was doing a Unitz Design contest this week and thought it would be really cool for you to design my party Unitz! Here are all the details:

You have until Monday March 26th to create a Spring Break Vacation Getaway Unitzwhere my party will be hosted! You design the Unitz and I will host my party in YOUR Unitz! Very exciting! (:

There will be a special Enlist Podz in my Greyson Unplugged Unitzwhere you will be able to submit your amazing Spring Break Vacation Getaway Unitz!

Your Woozband will choose 5 finalists and I will pick the winning Unitz where my party will be hosted.

And guess what? The Woozen of the winning Unitz will get an exclusive digital photo with my Woozen! The Woozworld Graphics Team will make a poster so you can have it in Woozworld forever! (:

Plus, the 5 finalists will get a poster of my Woozen, signed by me!
And the winner will get a signed photo and t-shirt!

I can’t wait to see what you will create! (: See you on March 27th Woozens!

- Greyson Chance

NEW: Gwomz and Spring Break Styles

GoodOldWoozHowdy Spring Break Woozens!

We have some very exciting news… While your Woozband were preparing to set sail for their Spring Break vacations, they each heard a knock on the door.

GoodOldWooz was back from his Spring Break vacation, standing before them with a grin on his good, old face. He was invited in for tea each time so he sat down and told them all his story.

While travelling to the Wooztropical Forest looking for the legendary Dodo birdz, he stumbled upon a village of mysterious, tiny Gwomz. In the center of the village he noticed a pile of items that previous travellers had once lost. Keys, watches, earrings, maps, bracelets and more. These curious creatures welcomed GoodOldWooz and treated him like he was a supernatural being.

The Gwomz brought items to GoodOldWooz to make him happy, but there was one thing that he was particularly fond of – a big Suitcasez that was once lost by travelers. His eyes lit up when he opened the Suitcasez and saw the incredible lost clothing inside. He packed up all his things and decided to head home to show his friends.

Jay Spring BreakMax Spring BreakMax Spring BreakJenny Spring Break
“Just remember…” the elder Gwomz said, “Feed Rainbowz to the little Gwomz to keep them happy.”While he was leaving the miniature village of Gwomz, the elder Gwomz granted GoodOldWooz permission to guide Gwomz with him on his adventures.

Just as he said that, tiny Gwomz appeared for Mya, Jay, Max and Jenny. Then almost immediately the Gwomz found Mya’s sunglasses, Jenny’s sunblock and tanning oil, Jay’s favourite basketball, and Max’s video game controller. Luckily, they also found some extra big Suitcasez to help them pack all these new items for their Spring Break adventures!

GwomzSuitcasez for GwomzAnd with that, GoodOldWooz finished his tea, stood up, and called each Gwomz over to meet its new guide. “Good luck,” he said, “and have an amazing Spring Break!” As he left each one, he looked back with a smile on his good, old face and recalled all the wonderful memories from his own Spring Break. Then he turned and walked off into the distance with a Gwomz by his side.

So now it’s time for you to wear the new outfits and take a Gwomz along on your search for more Suitcasez and items that match your Spring Break destination. The more you find, the more points and rewards you’ll earn. So visit the Woozworld Store and get started today!

Happy searching!

Your Woozband

St. Patrick’s Day Unitz Winners!

Hi Woozens!

I’ve just finished looking at all of your luckiest St. Patrick’s Day unitz and boy am I ever impressed!!! There are so many talented designers out there that this was really really hard for us to decide. Thanks to everyone for entering, I really enjoyed looking at all of your hard work. After consulting with the rest of the Woozband, we’ve agreed on 10 TOP winners who will each get 50 Wooz and a trophy as well as 10 runners up who will get a trophy too! Congratz and a job well done!!!












Runners Up:


Way to go! Prizes will be delivered later this week.

 Mya + Your Woozband


The WoozPaper Vol. 99

Good Monday Woozens!

Today is the 99th issue of the WoozPaper and that means we are just one away from our 100th edition!!! (WOW!) In honor of this incredible achievement, I’m hosting a writing contest for the news articles on Friday. If your article gets published in the 100th WoozPaper, you will get a specialprize from me! Visit the Woozworld News HQ and submit your article to thePodz there to enter. After the paper is published we’ll celebrate with someparties at your Display Eventz so make sure you read Friday’s blog!

For the weekend we all went super GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day! Everyone enjoyed exploring the Temple of LuckSt. Patrick Boutique, and yourWoozband’s St. Patty’s Unitz at the Lucky Tree. Congratulations to MyaWoozon her St. Patty’s Rooftop Party winning the best design poll!!! Her unitz was really cool so she deserved it. The winners of the St. Patrick’s Day Unitz Design Challenge will be announced tomorrow on the blog. We hope you enjoyed all the celebrations and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring and as I write this the sun is shining, the sky is a stunning, and I can hear the birds chirp, chirp, chirping away! It feels like Springalready! Maybe that’s because here in Woozworld right now we’re all on…


Our Spring Break Competition continues this week and things are starting to heat up… Sign in to Woozworld to join a team and then pick up 10 Suitcasez to receive your first achievement and FREE t-shirt! You don’t need a special outfit to start collecting them so if you see one just click on it! Keep searching all around to earn yourself achievements and rewards as well as points for your team!!! Which team will have the BEST Spring Break by bringing along the most luggage full of party supplies? That’s up to you to decide so get started quick! Get all the info by clicking HERE! (By the way it’s official, I’m following Jenny and the Beach Bumz to the sunshine this year and surfer paradise! :D)

And all week long more special Spring Break prizes will be given out at your Woozband’s weekly eventz! Woooooo Spring Break!!!!!!!

You should also take the time to draw a poster for the Cypress Anti-Bullying Poster Contest. You still have a few more days to enter so read the BLOG for full details. We’ve been seeing some really fantastic entries so far and can’t wait to show them all to Cypress!

This Week in Woozworld

Monday - A great way to start the week is by playing your favorite games at Max’s Game Show! Head over to his unitz at 1:00 PM or 5:00 PM WoozTime for a chance to win a Game Podz and a special spring prize!

Tuesday - At Jay’s Freestyle Hour this week you must come up with a 4 line cheer for your Spring Break Team! Convince the rest why your destination is the best and you might be chosen as an audience favorite!!! If you get picked you’ll win a trophy and a special spring prize! The best part is that if you’re inqueue you can still participate by writing your cheer on Jay’s WallZ and he’ll pick some favorites who will win trophies and spring prizes too! So visit Jay’s Poetry Cafe at 3:00 PM WoozTime if you think you’ve got what it takes!

Wednesday - If you want to be the Star of the Week you’ll have to compete at Mya’s Fashion Show by showing off how you’ve styled one of the new Spring Break styles! You’ll also win a special spring prize to go along with this huge honor! Just do the following:

  1. Go to any of your unitz
  2. Color the new Spring Break outfits to your liking
  3. Dress in your new Spring Break outfit and show off any extras on your mannequins
  4. Make a Display Eventz between 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM WoozTime
  5. Wait for Mya to visit you and judge your fashion styles
  6. If you win a key, go to Mya’s Fashion Show at 4:00 PM WoozTime to compete!

Thursday - It’s Jenny’s favorite day of the week because we get 5 new bookz to read and enjoy at her weekly Bookz Club! Join her to hear the latest titles at 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM at the new featured bookz unitz. This week will be a scary one for The Grave Robber’s Apprentice, a wild journey that will keep you glued to the screen! Don’t miss out on all the excitement as well as your chance to win at trivia for aMystery Giftspecial spring prize, and maybe even a trophy!

Friday - This week the Late Night with Mya Show returns at 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM to give you all the latest news and gossip that’s happening in Woozworld! If you love to know what’s going on then this is where you’ll want to be so mark it on your calendar! Show up early and wait in the line if you’d like to ask Mya a question at the end of the show. Enjoy!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

It’s time to create your own Spring Break Destinations using the unitz and items from the Woozworld Store (and whatever else you can find). Design a unitz for the Beach BumsParty AnimalsSportsFANs, or I don’t like the Sun team for a chance to win 50 Wooz, a trophy, plus a special spring prize! Once you’re happy with your unitz visit Jay’s Unitz Design HQ and submit it to the podz there before midnight on Thursday to qualify. The winners and runners up will be announced in Friday’s WoozPaper. Good luck everyone!

Video of the Week

I’m pleased to present to you another great video from our Official Video Blogger of the Month, xoParis12xo!

Woozen Articles

“Style Tips” by pinkflower2570

Hiiiiiii WoozWorld!!!!! pink here, giving you my latest style tips!
Five tips to help you with your fashionz!!!!!
1) Find a style that suits you. Going with your instinct is probably the best way to go, and i recommend it.
2) Mix TWO colors that go together well. e.g. Black and White or Pink and Purple. All colors mostly go with either black or white.
3) Look at your hair color. Your clothes are better if they are a different color from your hair, so they both stand out from each other.
4) Don’t think that you have to go with the latest fashionz. Even if you think that you NEED to look cool, don’t, because you look great in your own style. Standing out really isn’t that bad.
5) For great fashionz and quite good prices, Stylz is the best place! I suggest that you go and look around, because it is really cool.
Well, those are my five tips to fashion, i hope they helped you.
- Pink :)

“Woozworld Changes” By VIGOIS14

Yo , Guys My Name Is Vigo ;) And Am Gonna Be Talking ABOUT Woozworld Changes! :D
Well First Of All You Remember Old Woozworld, No Fancy Clothes , Nationz And Very Difficult To Earn Wooz / Beex?
And Now the NEW Woozworld.
Fancy Clothes , Easy To Earn Wooz , Chat , Pets , Wooz Style , Artic King And Queen. Now Thats A Big Change!
I Enjoy Woozworld, Its Just A Game Where You Can Learn And Communicate With People. Woozworld Is So Awesome!
Show People How Creative You Are , Show People How Nice You Are And Show People Your Original Style.
Anyways I Gotta Get Going! Goodbye Everyone ! :)

“How to Stay Out of the Queue” by sweetielivs

Hello my fellow woozens! This is my first WoozBlog post so I hope you like it! Now anyway, have you ever wanted to see your favourite Woozband member or perphaps all of them, but always got stuck in the queue? Well worry no more! Here are some tips to help you stay out of the queue!
Tip one – Try to get to the event early, lets say an hour early. You can stay in the unitz for as long as you like and wait for the Woozband to come!
Tip two – If you don’t like waiting a long time, or get bored easily try invite one of your friends to come and wait earlier with you. You can have a chat and before you know it Woozband will be there before your eyes!
Tip three – If the eventz is secret, for example the unitz which they will be using is a suprise and has not been revealed, then normally, you should get a message flash up on the bottom right hand corner of your screen saying for example, “SUPRISE EVENTZ IS STARTING NOW!” then click on it as fast as possible and you will probably not be in the queue, or possibly position 5 or less but it will be out of probably 100 people or more.
Well thank you for reading my first blog! I hope you enjoyed and I hope my tips helped!
By your fellow woozen, sweetielivs

“How to Get Your Article on the Blog” by DanielleRox432
Hey woozens! Its Danny (Me!) With some tips on how to get ur article on the blog! here they are:
1-Make sure it is exciting. Add some ‘Umph’ to your writing!
2- Make sure its clear and spelt correctly. If it is not nobody can read it.
3- Make sure its ACTUALLY about woozworld! Dont say for example, whats on The television tonight or something!
4-Adjectives. Even just ONE adjective could make a sentence great!
5- No personal info In your article. NEVER share that kind of info!
So there are my tips of how to get your article in the blog! I hope i helped. Danny is out! PEACE!

So get out there and have a wonderful SPRING BREAK!


Reminder: The Video Challenge  will return in April and xoParis12xo’s videos will be published in the WoozPaper!

Weekend Eventz Schedule

Hello Woozens and…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Are you ready to go GREEN?!? Well you better be because everything is GREENthis weekend! And there’s soooo much going on that you won’t even know where to start! Hopefully you’ll have time to do it all before the weekend ends…

But first, I thought it would be really fitting to throw in 3 quick tips about how you can help make our world more GREEN too. It’s so important that we take care of our planet so let’s all do our part!

  1. Try to walkcarpool, or take the bus to school! – This reduces the amount of carbon emissions and smog that comes from burned fuel.
  2. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth! – Run the water to get your toothbrush wet and then once more to rinse it out and you’ll help reduce the amount of fresh water that is wasted every year.
  3. Turn off the lights!!! – This is a really easy one that we often forget about… but every time you leave a room you should close the lights behind you to save energy (and your parents electric bill). Same goes for all electronics in your home!

Thank you :)

Now let’s find out all about this weekend’s eventz!

The Lucky Tree

The place to start is definitely the Lucky Tree. If you haven’t been there yet, head there straight away! This is your one-stop treetop that will lead you to all of our exciting eventz!!!

Once you get there, you’ll notice a whole bunch of things. There are 6 doors, a voting poll, and a contest podz so let’s go over them all…

St. Patrick Boutique

The first unitz you should visit is the St. Patrick Boutique where you can shop for some cute GREEN outfits that are only a handful of BEEX!!!! There’s no better way to get in the holiday spirit than by dressing in ALL GREEN!!

There are 3 outfits for Him and 3 outfits for Her so get them while they’re GREEN!

Temple of Luck

We brought back this lucky quest and re-stocked the prizes so you can win again!

Make your way through all 4 mazes to collect 12 lucky charms!!! Woohooo!!

If you’re in a hurry you can skip the mazes and still get your hands on all the lucky charms by buying a key to the Tree of Luck for 100 W.

Woozband St. Patty’s Unitz

Max, Jay, Jenny, and I were all fighting over who got to decorate the St. Patty’s Day unitz so we each decided to make our own. At the Lucky Tree you’ll find 4 doors that lead to:

Jay’s Urban St. Patty’s Parade

Mya’s St. Patty’s Rooftop Party

Max’s St. Patty’s Patio

Jenny’s St. Patty’s Park

Visit each one and click on the chest in each. You won’t get a reward for clicking on just one of them… but if you click on all four then who knows what might happen??? :O You might get a sweet reward! ;)

Once you’ve seen them all, we want you to VOTE for your favorite in theGREEN Voting Pollz at the Lucky Tree! We’re curious to know who you think has the best design… and we might have a little friendly bet going so choose carefully!

St. Patrick’s Day Unitz Design Challenge

You got to see our designs, so we want to see YOURS! We know there are so many great unitz designers out there that we just couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to give you a really fun theme! This one’s a quickie, you’ll only have two days to finish it. Collect some items from the shop podz in theLucky Tree as well as those from the Temple of Luck and then get to work!

We want to see who can make the luckiest St. Patrick’s Day unitz and the winners will each get 50 Wooz, a GREEN trophy, and will be featured on next week’s blog!

Once you’ve finished your design head back over to the Lucky Tree and submit your unitz to the contest podz there before midnight on Sunday to qualify.

Good luck everyone!

Now get going and get GREEN!

Mya + Your Woozband

The WoozPaper Vol. 98

Howdy Woozens!

Are you ready for SPRING BREAK?!?

Mya, Jay, Jenny, and Max all sound like they’re going to have a ton of fun on vacation. Who will you be joining? Read all about the new Spring BreakCompetition HERE!

Many of you are wondering who won the Woozcarz 2012: Up and Coming Directors Contest, and today you get to find out!!!

A huge CONGRATZ to:

Romance: The Floating Hearts by Sera2
Action: The Epic Action Adventure by bfhskjsnfiuewfh
Horror:  Silent Killer by Nikki-Ashley
Fantasy: Pandora’s Box by AnakinSky101

Once again, congratulations to all of our winners, finalists and everyone else who submitted a Photo Reel. You all did an amazing job and made us laugh, cry, and even scream while we were watching them. We can’t to see more of your productions in the future! :)

The Cypress Anti-Bullying Poster Contest is now underway and you can read all about it HERE! You have until midnight on Wednesday, March 21st to submit it so take your time and make it really great!

VIPs: There are two new exclusive outfits just for you at ZeChic!!! Head to the Dealz Zone and check out all our VIP only stores now!

And this weekend is a special holiday… do you know what it is? More details about all our weekend celebrations will be out in tomorrow’s Blog so don’t forget to check back in the morning!

Highlights of the Week

Monday - Max’s Game Show kicked off Spring Break with fun and excitement playing  Revenge, Crack the Code, and the new hit game Musical Tiles!!! Not only did all the winners get a Game Podz, but they also got special spring Yetrees! Be sure to show up next week if you want to try them out and maybe even win a Game Podz!

Tuesday - This week you had to write an acrostic poem using the letters S-P-R-I-N-G for a chance to win a trophy at Jay’s Freestyle Hour. There were a ton of really great ones this week so it was hard deciding on the winners. Congratulations to everyone in the unitz as well as in queue who was chosen by Jay and the audience as a favorite!

Wednesday - The theme for Mya’s Fashion Show was Spring Styles! There were soooo many entries this week, one of our busiest Fashion Shows yet! So if you were lucky enough to win a key, you got to battle it out for the title of Star of the Week and a sweet spring Yetree! It was another close finish, but of course only one Woozen can win, and this week it’s… SimiXka450!!! Congratulations you rock! Check out her star on the Woozen Walk of Fame 2012!

Thursday - Head over to the Bliss Bakery and collect 5 new bookz for your Bookz Case! Jenny had a great time sharing the new stories with you yesterday at her Bookz Club and can’t wait for more to come next week! Congratulations to everyone who won a Mystery Gift and special spring Yetree! If you haven’t tried it yet, go to the Bliss Bakery Quest to win a trophy and some Beex!

Friday - As Mya is preparing for Spring Break, she had only one Late Night Show today at 3:00 PM WoozTime. I’ve summed up everything she said at the top of this WoozPaper so don’t worry if you missed out!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

For this week’s challenge, you had to make a Tribute to Spring to welcome in this wonderful season! There were quite a lot of entries so it was tough to choose the winners… but after careful consideration, Jay has decided on the top 10 winners and 12 runners up for this week! Each of the winners has won50 Wooz and a trophy, and all the runners up get trophies too!!! Well done to everyone!







Runners Up:

crylove                                                                               maiklover
Mwuah111                                                                        Nikki-Ashley
rain-drops                                                                        bluedudette
insanee1                                                                           misscutie176
alliahgirl                                                                          lea547d
InnaKarenina                                                                 TheViper330

Woozen Articles

“Spring Break 2012!!!” by Jayden6543

Heyy Woozens! ;) It’s Jay and I’m here to tell you about the eventZ of this month — drum roll — Spring Break 2012!!! Yay! :D
Ok well the main story is that our WoozBand wants to go somewhere for vacation, but each have a different choice! The fantastic MyaWooz wants to go party in Woozami, Jay (I’m not really sure but by the outfit) wants to play basketball at the March Wooz Madness, Jenny wants to go surfing and tan! (Jenny you’re already gorgeous by the skin you have. :) ) and the last but not least Max wants to avoid the sun and play games in a basement! ( Yay games!! ) But going alone on a vacation isn’t really fun… loneliness D: ! So Woozens I and the Woozband encourage you all to pick a side! Party with Mya? Watch or play basketball with Jay? Surf and tan with Jenny? Or have an awesome time playing games with Max! (I hope we play Catch-The-Wooz). To pick a team in these 4 hard decisions, go to WoozIn and the IconZ for the Sping Break 2012 eventZ is already pinned there! So you just click on it, at the bottom of the choices it says to pick a team, it will return you to this ” World ” and your choice will be made! Thank you Woozens and have a great Spring Break and you 2 animators! :)

“Why Write For The Blog?” by NeeChee001
Hey Everyone! Nee Here Again! Recently, After (Thanks to you!) Winning A WoozCar For Being The Best WoozPaper Writer, People Have Been Saying ‘Why Bother Writing For The Blog!’ ‘It’s A Waste Of Time And Gets Boring!’ And That Is NOT True! There Are Loads Of Reasons To Try!
1: Write To Get Your Point Shown To ALL of Woozworld! You can say ANYTHING! Your Views On a Big Event, Tips To Help Others, Even Share Your WoozLife Story!
2: A Chance To Get Creative And Practise Writing! Ever Fancied Yourself As A Writer? Here’s Your Chance To Practise! Everyone Published On The Blog Is A Published Writer! Their Work Can Be Seen By All Of Woozworld!
3: Want To See Your Name In Lights And Get Yourself That Thing Called Fame? Well, Plenty Of Writers Got Famous By Writing AMAZING Articles! I Know Of Plenty! Writing Could Be Your Way!
4: Want A Chance To Show Of In English? Well, Practise Some Awesome Techniques Here And Ask For Feedback From Fellow Woozens! That’ll Get You Some Good Marks!
5: Write To Enjoy! Let Off Some Steam, Let Out Your Opinions And Feelings and GET CREATIVE!
Writing is a BIG Passion Of Mine And I Love To Share It With The World. So Get Down To StylaZ’s Woozworld News HQ and Get Writing! You Don’t Know What You’re Missing! Who Knows? One Day, Maybe You Could Be Winning Awards With Your Amazing Writing Skills!
Enjoy Writing! I Hope You Too Can Get Published!
Your ‘Author To Be’
NeeChee001 xx

“How To Stop Bullying” by BlueRoseBeauty

Bullying is NOT cool and most people know it! Well, everyone SHOULD know it. Here are some tips on how to stop bullying
1. Ignore them- Some bullies want to get a response from bullying you. Don’t let that happen.
2.Tell the bully to stop- Some bullies hate to be talked back to.
3. Help a friend being bullied- Sometimes you will see friends or people you know being bullied.Follow step 2 or 4
4. Tell an adult- Only do this if the bullying has gone on for awhile or it starts involved physical reactions to eachother.
Hope this helps! :)

“What It’s Like Being VIP” by kaytestar13

Have you been wondering what it is like to be a Vip? Well read this article to find out!
Recently, so many different places have opened exclusively for Vips. For example, Artic Fest 2012 Shop, WoozStyle Shop and of course ZeChic.
So now you know what the exclusive Vip places are called, you are probably wondering what are in them.
Well…At the Artic Fest 2012 shop you can buy all of the artic fest outfits for less than 2 hundred wooz each – A great deal! At ZeChic you can buy all of the latest outfits such as the jet collection and ceremony outfits. The yeti shop of course is the number one place to get every single yeti! The WoozStyle shop is a popular place to get unlimited shop podz as well as unitz and furniture. Anf finally, “On Sale Now” is a fabulous “deal zone” There you can get everything under public price.
However these are not the only exclusive things Vip’s get….you will have to become one to find out what other treats are in store just for you!

Hope you all enjoy the really exciting weekend we have planned for you!!!

Until next time,


The Spring Break Competition!!!


Forget about school, forget about homework, it’s time to relax and have some FUN!!

All month long your Woozband have been trying to decide on the perfect vacation spot to spend thisSpring Break

Mya wants to party like a rock star in Woozami!
Jay wants to be on the court side at March Wooz Madness!
Jenny wants to surf and work on her tan!
Max wants to avoid the sun and finish his game, SkyWooz: Attack of the Chokoliens!

Since they all want to do different things over the break, for the first time ever, your Woozband have agreed to take separate vacations! Sounds like a plan right? Well, not really… it’s no fun to be alone. Solution? EVERYONE’S invited to go along!!!! But who will bring the MOST luggage to have the BEST Spring Break?! There’s only one way to find out… with a little friendly competition!!!

How to Join

The great thing about this Spring Break contest is thatEVERYONE CAN JOIN FOR FREE!!!!! There’s no need to wear a special outfit, but if you want to dress up for the destination you pick, then go right ahead!

There are 4 teams but you can only join ONE (duh, you can’t be in two places at once):

The Party Animals (with MyaWooz)
SportsFans (with JayWooz)
Beach Bums (with JennyWooz)
I Don’t Like the Sun Gamers (with MaxWooz)

Spring Break Button

When you log into Woozworld, you will see this little button! Click it to join a team (JUST ONE). Once you join a team, you’ll be able to start collecting Suitcasez! Once you collect 10 Suitcasez, you’ll receive a FREE T-shirt with your team’s logo on it!

For each of the Suitcasez you grab, your team will get 1 pt!!!


Since Spring Break is soooooooo awesome, there are both individual prizes AND a team prize:

  1. There are 9 levels of achievements you can get by earning points from collecting Suitcasez. (10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000) snd each one comes with a special gift!
  2. Non-VIP Woozens in the winning team will get a trophy and 1000 Beex and Woozens with VIP will get that PLUS 100 Wooz!

So what are you waiting for? Sign in now and let the fun begin!!!!!!!

And this is only the start… Next week will bring even more Spring Break excitement!!!

See you soon,

Your Woozband

Cypress Anti-Bullying Poster Contest!

Hi Woozens!

For the past few months, Cypress been helping us spread the word that it’s time to put a STOP to bullying! And now here’s your chance to help…

A little while ago we found a campaign name and slogan thanks to Aeromeda andLol4EvaFun. Now it’s time to find some posters for us to hang and further promote our message! So your task is to design a powerful, meaningful, and original posterthat you think best represents our Anti-Bullying Campaign! Since Cypress has finished all his schoolwork, he’s going to help us decide on the winners who will see their creations in Woozworld!!!

Visit the Cypress Rhyme Lab to check out his videos if you need some inspiration or just want to listen to some great music while you draw! ;)

Contest Details

If you plan on entering the Cypress Anti-Bullying Poster Contest, then read carefully for what to do:

  1. Draw a poster that meets the following criteria:
    • Your work MUST be ORIGINAL (If you are caught using work or part of any work that was not created by you, you will be disqualified and further actions may be taken.)
    • You can draw by hand or using a computer
    • Poster must reflect the theme of Anti-Bullying
    • Paper size must be 8 1/2 x 11 inches (regular printer paper)
    • Poster must include the campaign name: W.E.B. – Where Everybody Belongs
    • Poster must include the slogan: Take a Stand, Lend a Hand
    • Check your spelling and grammar before submitting
    • Poster must be saved in .jpg, .png, or .gif format (choose when saving your file)
    • IMPORTANT: You MUST type or sign your name somewhere on your poster to prove that your work is your own.
  2. Submit your poster by attaching it to an email and sending it to: cypressposter@woozworld.com– Make sure to tell us your Woozen name so we know who it’s from!
  3. Posters will be judged based on:
    • Ability to impact and discourage others from bullying
    • Ability to incorporate campaign name and slogan
    • Creativity
    • Originality
    • Quality of Artwork
  4. To qualify, you must submit your entry before midnight on Wednesday, March 21st.
  5. Winners will be announced on Thursday, March, 22nd.

Good luck!

Your Woozband + Cypress

Guess what Woozens?!

All classes in WzW High are closed for the next two weeks since…


Time to hang up your backpacks, put those pencils down, spring your clocks forwards one hour, and enjoy doing what you love most!

To kick off the holidays your Woozband will be giving out special spring prizesat all of their weekly eventz!!!

The weather is really warming up this week so it’s the perfect time to show off your cute spring looks! Check out some of our favorite outfits for this season at the Spring Break Excitement unitz to get started!

And remember that the Cypress Anti-Bullying Poster Contest starts tomorrow! More details will be posted in the Blog so keep an eye out!

There is also a special sale starting tomorrow in the Woozworld Store where you canAdopt a WooPetz for only $0.99! If you’ve always wanted an adorable best friend to follow you around then don’t miss out on this great deal!

Spring Break is the BEST!!! Especially when you spend it with us… ;) Here are all the fun things going on this week!

This Week in Woozworld

Monday - If you love playing games then you’ll definitely want to go to Max’s Game Show at 12:30 PMand 7:30 PM WoozTime! Try to win a Game Podz and special spring prize by defeating your friends at a game like Lucky/Unlucky, Revenge, or even Musical Tiles! Even if you go home empty handed, you’ll still have the memories of all the fun that will last a lifetime!

Tuesday - Even though school’s out, you can still put that brain into motion for Jay’s Freestyle Hour! Create an acrostic poem using the letters S-P-R-I-N-G and then head over to Jay’s Poetry Cafe at 5:30 PM WoozTime to read it out loud! If you happen to be in queue you will also have a chance to win by sharing your poem on Jay’s WallZ! At the end of the show, the audience favorites and Jay’s top picks will win trophies and special spring prizes!!!

Wednesday - Who better to show off your new spring looks to than Mya the fashion queen herself? That’s exactly what you have to do if you want to win a key for Mya’s Fashion Show to win a special spring prize and also be named the new Star of the Week!!! Interested? Then you better keep reeding…

  1. Go to any of your unitz
  2. Dress in your cutest spring outfit and show off the rest on your mannequins
  3. Make a Display Eventz between 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM WoozTime
  4. Wait for Mya to visit you and judge your fashion styles
  5. If you win a key, go to Mya’s Fashion Show at 5:30 PM WoozTime to compete!

Thursday - One of the things Jenny loves doing most on Spring Break is reading! So she is delighted to host her Bookz Club this week at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM WoozTime in a brand new unitz dedicated to our featured bookz… Bliss! She’ll be giving out special spring prizes instead of Mystery Gifts this week in honor of the holidays (woohoooo!)!!!! And don’t forget to collect the 5 new bookz and add them to your bookz case for some Beex!

Friday - It hardly feels like the end of the week when you’re on break… so just call it the start of the weekend already! Catch up on all the Spring Break Excitement ;) at the Late Night with Mya Show! Find out what your Woozband plan on doing for Spring Break and more at 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM WoozTime! As always, if you line up early you’ll have a chance in the second half of the show to ask Mya a questionof your very own!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

The best way to celebrate Spring Break is by saying thanks to SPRING for giving us this awesome break! So this week Jay wants to see your Tribute to Spring unitz! Create something truly spring-taculardedicated to this wonderful season for a chance to win 50 Wooz, a trophy, and a special spring prize! Make it stand out so it catches Jay’s eye and be sure to use all kinds of spring items! Submit your finished designs to Jay’s Unitz Design HQ before midnight on Thursday to qualify. Good luck!!

Video of the Week

And now a video from our Video Blogger of the Month xoParis12xo! Enjoy xD

Woozen Articles

“How to get on Top Unitz” by JazzBoy

Holding a Unitz on top unitz is EASY if you follow these steps!
1. Host a free time in the Unitz to get it alot of votes
2. Make it comfortable
3. Make its name include ”Vote Please” at the end
4. Advertise the place at StylZ shop, Plaza, or the Street
5. Sell People awesome deals
6. Remind People to tell their friends about the place
7. Check the leader Boards in the Plaza and set your goals
Then all you must do is Check the Picture of the ”Earth”
then go to ”Top Unitz” and see if you made it
Thank You

“Game Advice” by BestieMe64

Hello Woozens! :) It’s me BestieMe64 here today talking about a very important subject! It’s about Game Advice! So let’s get started, shall we? :)
1. When you host an event that involves any kind of game, you must be fair at all times. For example, your close friend is playing and he/she is out, it means she is out of the game until the next game.
2. Sometimes, every owner that hosts a certain game has rules. That means they have rules that are allowed and not allowed in that woozen’s unit. Please obey their rules.
3. Sportsmanship! Now sportsmanship is when a person get out of a game then has feelings that they are mad or happy! Good Sportsmanship is when you get out, you still encourage others and tried your best! Bad Sportsmanship is when somebody is out and they think it’s not fair. So be an example of Good Sportsmanship! :)
4. Play Safe. Make sure you don’t bully when a game occurs. People sometimes hurts someone’s feeling when they get out, they say mean personal things! Don’t be like that. :)
Well, I hope I helped you on some Game Advice! And remember, think before you do. Good Day! :)
-BestieMe64Enjoy the week Woozens!

“Looking Back” by Narwal

Aloha woozens! Can you believe how long Woozworld has been running? I, Narwal, have only been here for about a year and a half but I remember it all like it was yesterday!
1. WNS battle of the bands! Back in Feburary-March 2011, Woozworld was all music! THe competition was on for the best Wooz band, and in the end we all rocked out to The Pretty Girls swag!
2. Fast forward to May, for Woozworld prom! The world was abuzz with activity, and everything wanted the the chance to be prom king or queen.
3. The Summer went fast with new books, amusments parks, and AWESOME stylz, but now it’s time for school! Woozworld high school was made, some lucky woozens got jobs as teachers and student council, and brand new clubz were made!
4. The next fews months were a blast with several new collecting contests! The zombiz took over, Myawooz joined the vampirz as their queen, The technoz, the x-maz competition, KountVonKlokz tried to take over Woozworld, The arctic festival, and the angelz of love!
5. And this month of March, the Woozcars awards have ended, with many new awards to lucky woozens! The photo reel contest is still going on now, and the competition is steaming. Good luck woozens!

“Spring Break!” by Angela553

Hello woozens! It’s Angela553 to give you some tips on what you can do during your spring break! I tend to stay home or go hang out with friends but here are some ideas for others:
-Go to a sleepover! Nothing better than hanging out with friends and staying up late!
-Go see your family! It’s the perfect time to spend some time with your family members!
-Stay home! Sleep in, watch tv, or play on woozworld!
-Go outside! Go out and enjoy the lovely spring weather!
Hope these helped =DD Peace!

Enjoy this wonderful weather and make the most out of your sprrrriinnngg brrreeakkk!!! wooooo!!!!


Weekend Eventz Schedule

Reminder: The Video Challenge  will return in April and xoParis12xo’s videos will be published in the WoozPaper! 

Hi everyone!

Last night’s Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVE Ceremony was a tremendous success!!!

Congratulations to the following finalists on making it to the voting round:

Action – Rosabella123pbfhskjsnfiuewfhExplodingCakecupcake504q

Fantasy – AnakinSky101BlueVampirex3xLaceyxSaraSpark

Horror – Nikki-AshleyJennycreative12kittycuteykizzles

Romance – JackkieSera2tacobellxoParis12xo

All of your movies were equally captivating so it’s going to be hard to decide on a winner!

We have two final eventz this weekend to end off the Woozcarz 2012… at least for this year.

So check them out and have a great time!

Woozcarz Photo Reels Voting

You submitted your photo reels, we narrowed it down to four finalists, and now it’s up to YOU to determine the winner!

There are 2 ways to vote:

  1. WoozIn – Your Woozband will post the finalists’ videos to their WoozIn Wallz and for every “WoozUp” a video gets, it will earn the director 1 vote. Just click on the Woozband tab and scroll down to watch all the videos.
  2. Voting Pollz – Visit the Action AdventureFantastic WorldSpooky Horror, and Romance at Seaunitz in Woozworld to vote for your favorite video and earn Beex while you do it! You can vote every 24 hours so you might be able to get two votes in this weekend

That means you have the power to give someone a total of 3 votes! Whoever has the most votes added between all three methods of voting will win the Woozcarz 2012: Up and Coming Directors Contest and all the prizes that go with it! Woooohooooooo!!!!!!!

So good luck to all the finalists!!! No matter who wins it will be well-deserved!

Woozcarz After-Parties!

Do you like to parrrrtaaay?!?

What would the Woozcarz be without some hoppin’ after-parties???

Show us that you can host an epic party for a chance to win a visit from either JayMyaMax, orJenny and a sweeeet new ride ;)!

Gather your friendsdecorate your unitz like crazy, and then pump up the beats!

Make a Display Eventz at the following times and wait in your unitz for someone to come at the following times:

Saturday: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM WoozTime  & 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM WoozTime

Sunday: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM WoozTime & 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM WoozTime

Super Sluggers Quest

Once again we have a challenging quest for our new featured bookz, The Super Sluggers: Wing Ding!Open the bookz and use the chapter and page hintz to score a home run and make it to the prize at center-field! You’ll have a great time with this one especially if you grab some friends and solve it together! Goooooo team!

What an awesome way to end one of the best Woozcarz yet!!! Enjoy xD

Your Woozband

The WoozPaper Vol. 96

TGIF Woozens!

What a crazy week with sooo much news… where on earth to start?

Tonight at 7:30 PM WoozTime is the exciting Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVE Ceremony where you’ll find out who the finalists are for each of the fourcategories: ActionRomanceHorror, and Fantasy. Each of your Woozband will present the edited movies for you to watch and then its’s up to YOU to decide on the winners! You can vote in 3 different ways:

  1. On the WoozIn by giving your favorite video a WoozUp
  2. On the Voting Pollz in Woozworld
  3. On the Video itself by giving it a thumbs up on YouTube!

Help out your friends and vote all weekend long!!!

There will also be an exclusive Red Carpet Eventz starting at 7:00 PM WoozTime where Max, Jenny, Mya, and Jay will arrive early to sign autographs and pose for some quick pictures. Dress your best and be sure to read Mya’s style tips for help designing your outfit from the new Woozcarz 2012 Collection!

The next big thing is yesterday’s update that brought us an array of new and exciting features!

  1. New & Improved Chat Bubbles – These have been condensed horizontally and extended vertically to help you see them better on all screen sizes. And you now don’t have to worry about proper capitalization because everything is nice and big just like your favorite comics! You’ll also notice that it’s easier to click the “running man” now when you want to follow someone to a unitz.
  2. Become a 1st Class Citizen – Complete your checklist of goals by clicking on the green button under your WooPetz button at the top left corner of your screen.  You’ll get Beex (or Wooz if you’re a VIP) for every achievement you complete! You’ll receive a big reward including a 1st Class Citizen Certificate to hang in your unitz once you finish them all!
  3. Pop-Out Blog – When you click on the Blog button at the top of your screen you get a new window so that you have an easier time reading it while in-world!
  4. Trading - Max gave us an update on his WoozIn about this upcoming feature: “Some of you were lucky enough to get a glimpse of what trading will be in its final form. Your enthusiasm showed us all the potential of what’s to come with this feature. It shall soon be available to everybody. Keep your eyes open ;)”. So there you have it!
  5. YouTube & Music Buttons – Not only can you share videos once again but you can also share your favorite music!!! Click on the buttons in the bottom left hand corner where you write on your Wallz on your WoozIn to get started!

So we know it’s a lot to take in, but in the end all the new features are here to make Woozworld betterthan ever! Let’s embrace the changes and appreciate how great they really are. As always, we welcome your positive and constructive feedback about the update.

For all you Cypress fans and artists out there we know we said the poster contest would be announced this week… but because Spring Break‘s coming up, Cypress has been studying really hard and he was sad that he would have to miss out on the jury process. Since we think school is sooo important, andCypress is such a good friend, we’ve decided to postpone it until next week! Stay tuned for full details!

Finally, all classes at WzW High will be cancelled starting Monday forSPRING BREAK 2012 (wooooohoooo!!)

Check out the Spring Break Excitement unitz to get ready for vacatuin in some hand-picked outfits for both Him and Her!

We can’t wait for all the adventure, excitement, and fun that comes along with Spring Break and we hope you’ll be here to join us!!! Stay tuned… ;)

Highlights of the Week

Monday - Our new schedule for the month started with Max’s Game Show! Woozens had a lot of fun playing games like Revenge, Wolf, Lucky/Unlucky, Crack the Code, and a brand new game that Max invented called Musical Tiles!!! Be sure to show up next week if you want to try them out and maybe even win a Game Podz!

Tuesday - The theme this week at Jay’s Freestyle Hour was SPRING! What you love most about it to be exact. There were sooo many awesome poems that it wasn’t easy for the audience to decide thewinners. Jay also gave out trophies to his favorite poems that were written on his WoozIn WallZ by those in queue! Congratulations to everyone who took home a prize!!

Wednesday - To win a key for Mya’s Fashion Show this time around you had to show off your Ceremony Outfits for the upcoming Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVE Ceremony! After another tough and very close competition that came down to a four-way tie, our winner and newest Star of the Week is…sellyelly101!!! Woohoo!!! Way to go! :D

Thursday - Once again we have a brand new featured bookz: The Super Sluggers: Wing Ding. If you’re a baseball fan you’ll love it even more but everyone will enjoy collecting bookz and earning Beex at theSuper Sluggers Field unitz. You can also find a chest there with an awesome FREE gift!!! Try out theSuper Sluggers Quest and use the bookz for help to win more Beex and a trophy! Jenny had a little trouble with her second Bookz Club with all the updates so she has re-scheduled it for today at 2:00 PM WoozTime. Read the latest bookz with your sweetest Iconz and then try your luck at some triviaquestions for a chance to win a Mystery Gift or a trophy!

Friday - There will only be one Late Night with Mya Show happening today at 3:30 PM WoozTime. where you can catch up on all the news (and there’s a LOT) and find out what’s coming up! After that it’s the Red Carpet Eventz at 7:00 PM and the Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVE Ceremony following shortly after at 7:30 PM WoozTime that you won’t want to miss!!!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

With the Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVE Ceremony happening today, it was only fitting for this week’s theme to be the Ultimate Awards Ceremony! There were some incredible unitz that would certainly be fit for any major Woozworld eventz! In the end, Jay decided on 10 winners who will each get 50 Wooz and a Trophy! He also picked 12 runners up who will a Trophy as well! Way to go guys and keep up the great designs!!!









_Runners Up:

glovam13                                                                          png8
maiklover                                                                         -Cat-Cute
Semajee                                                                            Freddy101
NeeChee001                                                                    kim201ck
bluedudette                                                                      xoParis12xo
EllyBoo543                                                                      runescape906

Woozen Articles

“Hello Woozens!” by Jusin648b

As I now approach my first year anniversary in Woozworld, I look back at all the great memories here and all the things that have happened; the good, the bad, and the funny.
I’m certainly not the oldest Woozen in Woozworld, but I have learned a lot; a lot more than I expected from an online game. But now I consider Woozworld much more than an online game, it’s a get-away to escape from my regular life and just have fun. There’s plenty of stuff to do here and many eventz that have been unforgettable. From Prom to WoozCarz, and from Zombie invasions to a wedding no one will forget. Woozworld has captivated us all and that’s the reason we are all still here; the reason Woozworld is thriving. Honestly, I don’t remember much from my earlier days here, but all I know is the biggest reason I have stayed on Woozworld is all the friends I have acquired and that have stayed with me through thick and thin. I encourage you to take some time to look back and thank the ones that have been with you through the good, the bad, and the funny; and come to realize the real reason that we are all still logged in.

“OMG Spring is HERE!” by Mwuah111

OLA Woozens!
Flowers are blooming, honeybees are buzzing, colourful and flowery festivals are here… IT’S SPRING! With Springs, comes the fresh essence of flowers, colours and a bursting mirage of freshness and the most pleasant time of the year.
With spring, we ought to start changing from depressing gray and black colours to the new fresh and bright colours of spring. The Spring Collection will be here soon, and we might as well know the Top Five Trends for Outfits this year for 2012!
1. The 70s are back! The navy blues, the squins shiny, the glamorousness is back! Shiny yet sultry is one of the Top trends this year.
2. Creams are also in this season. Light cream colours define Spring and give it a new soft edge.
3. Bright colours… yellow, red, pink, orange… they are all there! You might as well expand your grey shades of Winter and adopt the brighter shades of Spring!
4. Black and white are still on! No matter what season, stripes and spots of black and/or white are absolutely IN!
5. The Alice-In-The-Wonderland style, or the whimsicial style, shoudl definitely be tried back on. Birds, flowers, neon colours, cloudy colours.. TRY EM ALL!!
Now that yuou know your top trends, don’t be afraid to try em out! And don’t forget, contrasts in colours never went out of style ;)
ALSO… The Woozcarz 2012: Up and Coming Directors Photo Reels LIVE Ceremony is almost here! With the new Ceremony Collection with trendy gowns, dresses, all laces, modern-ista, dramatic-a, suits and moustaches…. They are the HEIGHT of awesome Spring Fashion. :)
Get ready for a supermegaawesome SPRING! :D

“Ways to Get the Best of Woozworld!” by iruleudrule

Hey guys, iruleudrule here!So alot of people asking me, How do you get famouse? Or How do you get rich? well here are some tips how that can happen!
1. Get Mya;s bags! The prize is a mina, and its super fun! When you fine a Mya bag, You get a gift. So you can sell them on your new mani!
2. Open a shop!It does not have to be big! Just sell any item for wooz or beex, and put you unit on events!
1. Make a party! Just gather up some unitz items, put them in your unit, and put on events!
2. Be kind. By kind i dont meen give free to every one you meet! Just give nice complements to others,DONT BULLY,and just have a greate time
3. Make gamez! Every boys loves.. :Top model,Bd,REVENGE,Wolf,luck race,And any others that on your list!
Well, just get to work on you amazing, fun adevture! Have fun :)))))-IruleUdrule

Good luck to everyone who entered a Photo Reel and have a wonderful evening!! :D


Dress your best for the Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVE!

Hiya everyone!

The Woozcarz 2012: Up and Coming Directors Photo Reels LIVE Ceremony is almost here!!!

Do you know what you’ll be wearing? If you’re not too sure yet, don’t fret! I’m here to offer you some style tips for this upcoming event!

We’ve just launched a brand new Ceremony Collection with trendy new gowns and suits, coolmustaches and make-up, as well as two of the coolest unitz ever!!!

Choose one (or all three) of these stylish outfits for Her:

Sweet Style - This lacy little number is perfect for a spring ceremony! Choose a bright color for the dress and contrast it with light or dark lace sleeves for a delicate look. Finish it off with loose curls to look like the sweetest thing around!

Modern Feel - For those sophisticated fashionistas, this modern dress is sure to do the trick! Pick three complimentary colors to design your dress, then match with some heels, and top it off with beautiful side-swept bangs!!! You’ll have an unforgettable time wearing this sassy number!

Dramatic Look - Is this your big night? Then you better dress to impress!! Wear a dramatic long gown encrusted with jewels in a classic or your signature color. A lovely short hairdo will show off your elegant earrings to complete this perfect red carpet look!

And pick one (or all three) of these trendy new outfits for Him:

Relax Outfit  - For the cooler, calmer, more relaxed guy that isn’t worried about the outcome of the ceremony. Roll up your sleeves and gel your hair to show everyone that you just don’t care! Wear a black or white suit with a fun colored dress-shirt to complete the look!

Gala Feel - Want to look more like a star? Try out this sleek style that will keep all eyes on you! If you’re not camera shy, dress up this look with bold colors and even a moustache!

Stylish Look - This is the ultimate hipster outfit that’s perfect for such a glamorous ceremony! Keep it classic but throw in your own touch of style with a splash of color here or there. Then wet your hair and shake it around to give you the most stylish look in town!

So that’s all from me this week! Have fun styling your outfits for the big day!!!

See you Friday,



The WoozPaper Vol. 95

Good Monday Woozens!

What another exciting weekend!!! Congratulations to all of the 2012 Woozcarz Woozen Awards winners and all of the nominees!

Here’s a quick list of everyone who won a Woozcar: ripleywo0Kawaii0o,ILandonSera2-Super-heartzxoParis12xoLatinolover00NeeChee001,pearlsnowNormilovelylily10Looo0oooLKoriiTrevor831xRihannaZx,1SuNsHiNeEmA1ColeZAli-heartheroMaxWoozMyaWooz.

We had a wonderful night that began with a lovely performance by our hosts Myaand Jay. Afterwards we dove right in to the awards and it was a night that will certainly be remembered for a long, long time… If you missed it, I’m sure there will be lots of YouTube videos posted over the next few days that you can watch!

Your chance to submit a Photo Reel for the Up and Coming Directors Contesthas now ended. We will be going through all your entries and on Friday you’ll find out if you made it to the final voting round at the Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVEevent! Good luck to everyone!!!

This week we’ll be launching a Cypress Anti-Bullying Poster Contest for all you artistic Woozens out there! More details will be coming tomorrow when the contest officially opens so keep checking the Blog!

Now let’s see what eventz are happening this week…

This Week in Woozworld

Monday - The best way to start the week is with some fun and games!!! Head over to Max’s Game Showat 1:00 PM or 4:00 PM WoozTime to play your favorite Woozworld games for a chance to win a Game Podz! Good luck!! :D

Tuesday - This week’s theme for Jay’s Freestyle Hour is Spring is Coming! What do you love most about this lovely season? Share your thoughts at Jay’s Poetry Cafe from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM WoozTime. Those in queue can also participate by voting for their favorites and posting their own freestyles on Jay’sWallZ for a chance to win a trophy! Keep it short and sweet, maximum 4 lines long. Don’t be shy and come on by!!!

Wednesday - What will you be wearing to the Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVE event on Friday? To win a key for Mya’s Fashion Show you’ll have to show off your most Glamorous Outfits! Remember, the winner of the show gets to be the brand new Star of the Week!!! Read how to qualify below:

  1. Go to any of your unitz
  2. Dress in your most glamorous outfit and show off any extras on your mannequins
  3. Make a Display Eventz between 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM WoozTime
  4. Wait for Mya to visit you and judge your fashion styles
  5. If you win a key, go to Mya’s Fashion Show at 3:00 PM WoozTime to compete!

Thursday - There are more NEW Bookz arriving this week for Jenny’s Bookz Club! Yay!!! If you love to read then head over to the unitz for our new featured bookz, The Super Sluggers, Wing Ding, at 1:30 PMor 7:30 PM WoozTime! At the end of each bookz she reads, Jenny will ask some trivia questions for a chance to win a mystery gift or trophy!

Friday - We are still working out the schedule for Friday since there will be a special Woozcarz Photo Reels LIVE eventz to announce the winners of the Up and Coming Directors Contest. Stay tuned for more info!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

In honor of the Woozcarz, Jay wants to see if you can build the Ultimate Awards Ceremony unitz! Create a unitz fit for a major awards show with a WOW factor that will make you stand out! Feel free to include a red carpet, celebrities, limousines, a live band, or whatever else you can think up. The more creative you are the better and remember to have FUN with it!!! The top 10 winners will each get 50 Wooz and atrophy! There will also be a few runners up who will trophies for doing so well. If you think you’ve got what it takes, go to Jay’s Unitz Design HQ, collect some useful items, and then submit your finished design before midnight on Thursday!

Woozen Articles

“Sammie’s Advice about Bulling” by HGHBGHGBV-p1

If your getting bullied here are for simple steps you must take..
In WoozWord:
2.if they do it again tell wooz band
3.block them
4.Don’t let them hurt you!
In Real:
1.tell adult
3.leave them at there games
4.Don’t listen to them!
Whilst I was dressed up poor for a whole day I had thirty bullies come up to me and say mean word’s, just because I LOOKED poor, look are not every thing it is what is in the inside that matter’s so what if there poor you was there once wasn’t you???
Also on that note, stop it because it hurts the one’s on the out side they only bully because it happened to them and they did not follow Sammie’s step’s to stop bullying.
It hurts other’s and they become shy and either quit or even hurt themselves you don’t want to be the cause, Do You??

“Mystery Gifts” by jemoda

Mystery Gifts have been forgotten! These are some common questions about Mystery Gifts.
Q: How can I get a Mystery Gift?
A: You can get a Mystery Gift from the Woozworld Plaza or from plantz!
Q: What’s in the Mystery Gift?
A: You will get a spellz, clothing or furniture!
Q: Where do I open my Mystery Gift?
A: In your inventory, under the Mystery Gift section (box with a question mark).
Q: Why do some Mystery Gifts look diffrent from others?
A: There are diffrent tiers (bargain, choice or premium). There are 4 diffrent Mystery Gifts in each tier and they will each look a bit diffrent.
Q: Why do I get good items sometimes and bad items other times?
A: It all depends on what tier the Mystery Gift is. If it is bargain you are more likely to get a spellz or bargain item, if it is choice you can get bargain or choice items, and if it is premium you will get premium or luxury items and rarely spellz!

“Stop Bullying!” by puddie88

S top Bullies from hurting other kids
T hink twice about what you say to someone
O pen your heart to other people
P ut a stop to bullying
B ullies are not good people
U nderstand that lots of people are being bullied
L earn about what you can do to stop bullies
L ove one another
Y ou can make a HUGE difference in someone’s life
I dentify the bully and STOP THEM
N ever Watch bullying without helping
G o and tell someone that you are or you know someone who is being bullied

“Info On The Highlights Of Being VIP!” by Trish102

Hi! Being a VIP has always been a popular subject. I wasnted to let you in on some of the exclusives of being a VIP. First, everyone knows the obvious one…. Wooz! Being VIP makes it much easier to get wooz. You can get wooz from voting, being voted, selling VIP stuff, and even completing achievements! You also get wooz when you buy your VIP membership! Also, you get beex and special items. The amount of wooz and beex you get along with the special items depends on if you buy a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month membership. Check out the become a VIP page for more info on that. Other great parts of being VIP are…
You spend less time waiting in the queue with a VIP pass!
You get better furniture and clothing!
You get access to special VIP unitz!
There is also many more highlights to being a VIP! Thanks for reading!

Enjoy the week Woozens!


Reminder: The Video Challenge  will return in April and xoParis12xo’s videos will be published in the WoozPaper!

Video Challenge Winners

Hi Woozens!

We must first start off this post with saying Sorry!! This was supposed to come out on Tuesday but we’ve been captivated by your Photo Reels that this got delayed! The Video Challenge last week was to create a 30-60 second movie trailer for your favorite film from 2011! We saw A LOT of creative entries and we couldn’t decide on a final 3… so there are 4 finalists we just loved!

We chose 4 top winners who will each get a shiny Video Trophy! You can also click their names to write on their wallz!

Video Challenge Winners





Video Challenge Shout-Outs

The trailers were so impressive, we had to show more!! Each of the following runners up will get aMystery Gift for all of their hard work! Check out these awesome videos by clicking on a Woozen’s name below:








New Weekly Video Corespondent

This was the last Video Challenge until April, and we decided to let YOU choose who will be our weekly video corespondent for the month of March! And tonight at the Woozcarz, we announced it!

Congratulations to xoParis12xo who will be our Video Corespondent for the month of March!!

Click her name to write on her WoozIn :)

Get ready for April Woozens!!

Your Woozband

Weekend Eventz Schedule

Hello Woozens,

It’s an exciting time in Woozworld with the Woozcarz heating up!

This weekend will wrap up your chance to enter your Photo Reels in the Up and Coming Directors Contest, so make sure to finish them and submit them before Sunday at midnight! Your Woozband don’t want to be left out from all the fun so this Saturday they’ll be in movie-making mode!

And then of course it’s the Woozcarz Woozen Awards on Sunday where you’ll find out the winners of the20 Woozcar Awards up for grabs at an alluring ceremony that you surely won’t want to skip out on.

Read all about everything happening and write down the times so you don’t miss out on any of theseexciting weekend eventz!

Woozband Photo Reels

So you’ve finished submitting your Photo Reel for the Up and Coming Directors Contest, but you still can’t get enough of all the ACTION?

Your Woozband know how much fun it is so they want to make Photo Reels of their very own this weekend!

But of course… they need your HELP!

Calling all creative Woozens who like to think of storiesdirect moviesact, or build sets, to join your Woozband in an exciting movie-making adventure!

You’ll start off at the Late Night with Mya Unitz with JayMyaJenny, or Max (at separate times) to figure out an idea for the Photo Reel. Once you have a storyline, Your Woozband will be looking for Woozens to help them out! If you want to participate, just follow these instructions:

  1. After the storyline is announced, make a Display Eventz from your movie set unitz. ***It must fit the genre of your Woozband’s Phoot Reels!***
  2. Get some friends together to star in your scene and invite them to your unitz.
  3. Dress up in your costumes and plan out an idea for your scene.
  4. Wait for one of Your Woozband to come around and take the Photo.

At the end of the eventz, Your Woozband will pick the top 12 photos they think best fits the storyline and order them to be featured in their Photo Reel Albumz!!!

WHEN: (All on Saturday)

JennyWooz - 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM WoozTime

JayWooz - 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM WoozTime

MyaWooz – 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM WoozTime

MaxWooz – 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM WoozTim ***8:00 PM – 9:00 PM***

Make sure you don’t miss out on on all the fun that will definitely be a BLAST!

The Woozcarz Woozen Awards

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… After a long week of nominations and voting, the Woozcarz Woozen Awards have finally arrived!

Even if you aren’t in the running for a prestigious Woozcar Award, it will still be a night to remember that you’ll certainly want to attend. Dress up in your most glamorous outfit and prepare for one of the most beloved Woozworld eventz!

Eventz Schedule:

(All on Sunday)

1:00 PM – Keys will go on sale at the Late Night with Mya unitzfor access to the Woozcarz Red Carpet Eventz where Your Woozband will pass through signing autographs, posing forpictures, and handing out gifts for their favorite outfits!

2:00 PM – The Woozcarz Red Carpet Eventz starts and Your Woozband will begin to arrive

2:45 PM – Keys will go on sale at the Woozcarz Red Carpetunitz for early access to watch the opening ceremony 

3:00 PM – Woozcarz Woozen Awards begin at Mya’s Woozcarz unitz

3:10 PM – The Woozcarz unitz will be open to everyone for FREEand the Woozcar Awards will be given out

Note to Nominees: If you are in the running for a Woozcar Award (meaning you are in one of the voting pollz), you will have the privilege of watching the eventz from the front row if you get in the unitz! You’ll have the best view sitting up and close with Your Woozband! Also, if you win an award you’ll have the opportunity to come on stage and say a short acceptance speech. Unfortunately, if you are in queue you will not be able to do this but you will still receive the award.

Escape from the Cold Cereal Quest

There’s another new quest this week about our entertaining featured bookz, Cold Cereal. Can you escape from the Cold Cereal Factory? It’s worth a try… If you make it to the end you’ll get 200 Beex and aBooks and Games Trophy! Journey through the Escape from the Cold Cereal Quest owned byJennyWooz and figure out the answers to 10 questions from the bookz to get your prize! Browse insideto help you solve this one in a jiffy!

WOW there’s so much going on this weekend! Will you have time to do it all?!

Your Woozband

The WoozPaper Vol. 94

What’s up Woozens!?

We’ve had  a really exciting Woozcarz week full of Photo Reelsnominations, and now voting!

You still have 2 more days to finish and submit your Photo Reels for theWoozcarz 2012: Up and Coming Directors Contest, so if you haven’t done one yet then what are you waiting for??? Read the Blog HERE and HERE for all the info you need to get started! You can also check out the Woozworld Store to grab one of the new movie sets, props, or costumes to make your Photo Reelseven more awesome!!!

The Woozcarz Woozen Awards are coming up this Sunday, March 4th. Full details will be posted in tomorrow’s Weekend Eventz Schedule so make sure to read the Blog in the morning! There’s still time to vote for your favorite Woozens and Woozband at Mya’s Woozcarz Red Carpet Unitz until midnight on March 3rd. You get 25 Beex for each vote every 24 hours for all 20 categories… you do the math! Good luck to everyone in the running! And don’t forget who your favorite female animator is… ;) *hint hint*

If you plan on attending the Woozcarz Woozen Awards then you’ll want to look your best. Start shopping for that perfect outfit that’s sure to dazzle the crowd. While you’re at it you can check out the new MyaWooz Urban Jet Set Collectionin the Woozworld Store for some more exclusive choices!

Also VIPs don’t forget that you can shop at the all NEW Dealz Zone featuring The NEW ZeChic, WoozTyle ExclusiveArctic Fest 2012Exclusive Yeti, and the On Sale Now stores!

Last but not least, there’s a brand NEW schedule for the month of March! Check it out:

Highlights of the Week

Monday - This week at Mya’s Fashion Show we had another ultimate showdown to find a new Star of the Week! After trying to win a key by showing Mya your best Woozcarz Movie Costumes, 20 Woozens tried to win this glorious prize. After a very close contest, the winner and our new Star is… marlayXD! Congrats!!! Head over to the Woozen Walk of Fame 2012 owned by MyaWooz to see all our past Stars from the year!

Tuesday - There was a special guest at Max’s Game Show to help put a stop to bullying in Woozworld!Cypress came to play Fib or Fact and help give you the low-down on bullying and how you can stop it. The winners for this game got a special trophy designed by Cypress for being in the know! After he left, Max continued as usual with games like WolfRevenge, and Crack the Code. Congratulations to all the winners who got a Game Podz! Make sure to visit the Anti-Bullying HQ in Woozworld to learn more facts and hints to help you protect yourself against bullies!

Wednesday - At Jay’s Freestyle Hour this week, you got to pretend you were in the running for a Woozcar Award and come up with a freestyle asking for nominations! There were some compelling speakers and Jay loved hearing everyone who came up on stage. Once again he awarded trophies to the audience favorites and even one to his favorite from his WoozIn Wallz!

Thursday - In a cool new unitz, the Cold Cereal Factory5 new bookz arrived along with a FREE gift and some items you can grab for just a handful of Beex! Jenny held her weekly Bookz Club as usual and awarded Mystery Gifts to all those who answered her trivia questions first and correctly. The person with the most right answers at each eventz also got a customized trophy! Make sure to try out theEscape from the Cold Cereal Quest to get this week’s Bookz and Games Trophy and some more Beex!

Friday - The Late Night with Mya Show happens to day at 11:00 AM and then once again at 7:30 PM WoozTime. Find out all the latest news and gossip around Woozworld and get a sneak peak at what’s happening up in the weeks to come. If you get there early, don’t forget to line up for a chance to ask Mya a question!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

This week was the Ultimate Movie Set unitz design challenge where you had to show your best scene from an ActionHorrorRomance, or Fantasy movie genre. There were some really fabulous entries that indicate there will also be some really amazing Photo Reels!! We’re all very excited to watch them next week and decide on our favorites. In the meantime, Jay chose 10 winners this week who have each won50 Wooz and a Trophy! (Since there were an uneven amount of entries for each category, he just picked an overall top 10.) He also picked 10 runners up who will also get a custom designed Trophy from Jay!Congratz to everyone who placed and thanks to everyone who entered!







Runners Up:

-applesause-                                                                   joyous10278
mileyrocks0919                                                              mileycyrus774
vindaya                                                                             Kittymovie
acebuddy                                                                         mr12swagg
SparkleDazzle                                                                PiixelTux

New Woozen Quests

It’s the beginning of the month so what do you know… all NEW Woozen Quests have been chosen! If you submitted a quest in February, you may have been picked! Congratulations to this month’s winners:lilisisiXxruxixXVERYboredSchizophrenia, and xLaceyx! Each of you will receive 50 Wooz and your unitz will be featured in the Quest Hall! Visit the Quest Hall – Woozens to check them out and try to make it to the end of these challenging mazes! You can also create your very own quest and submit it to theEnlist Podz there before the month ends! Good luck!

Woozen Articles

“Be a Good Sport!” by bluedudette

Hello Everyone! Its bluedudette! Ok so ALOT of people are sad that they didn’t make it! Don’t feel sad! People are quiting BECAUSE they didn’t make it. Theres always another year! Theres always OTHER important eventz out there in Woozworld! If you don’t win try not to feel sad! I didn’t make it, and look at me I’m fine right now!
Don’t feel sad about loosing, everyone wants to win! Think about WNS, Like only a small band group will make it out of over 5,000. Its a huge eventz! I know! I’m going to try it but I probably will loose! Lots of people are talented! People are talented in their own different ways! Some people are still trying to find it! Don’t give up yet!
If your playing like a Luck race and you loose don’t be like “OMG I LOST -.- I REALLY WANTED THE PRIZE!” Thats being selffish, like that person who won probably took a while to finally get the prize! Instead say it like this “Congratz! You deserve it!” Thats being a good sport. Like at Mya’s late night people are there, then mya comes, people in the queue are waiting to get in, right when Mya leaves you get in. Don’t feel bad, at least you know whats coming up! Animators are people, maybe when you grow up you could be an animator!
Don’t treat animators bad too, they worked hard on this website (I bet they get paid too XD). If you don’t get a free don’t be upset its an item. If its a face don’t feel sad too, just try to earn wooz.
Please don’t be a poor sport! This is just a fun game, if you win a WoozCarz trophy, its not like you get one in real! Wooz is just website money, don’t brag at people because in real it only cost nothing.
Well thats my article for this blog! Don’t be a poor sport ;0

“How to Make Easy Beex” by happymeal9

Hey people! It’s me Happy, and I’m going to tell you how to make easy beex. If you’re new to woozworld or simply do not have enough money, here are some easy tips!
1) If you go in your inventory, you will have different categories and each one will have items in it or not. If you don’t like an item or simply don’t want it, you can sell it in a Pod. You can get Shop Podz at Booya or at other people’s unitz. Simply drag the item(s) over and give it a price. Hint: Don’t make things over priced because people may not buy.
2) You can also get easy money (beex) by using Plantz. You can get Plantz and Booya or other people’s unitz, or at Shopping Unitz. Every day you will be able to play a matching game. Simply match up the cards and in the end you will get beex even if you didn’t finish the whole level. The rarer the plantz, the rarer the prizes :)
3) Another way to get beex is if people vote you Unitz or thumbs you up. This simply means they’re giving you a thumbs up for being nice or having a cool shop etc. If you are NOT a VIP then you get five beex for each vote. If you ARE a VIP you get three beex and two wooz for every vote. If you don’t get voted, don’t worry! Voting isn’t everything and there are other ways to get money.
4) The last way to get beex is one of the easiest ways: Achieve something. If you go to your Achievements tab, you can see how much progress you’ve made in that category. If you reach 100%, you get money! If you are not a VIP you only get beex. But if you are a VIP you will get a bonus amount of a little wooz.
Well, that’s all I can think of, but I hope this helped! Remember: It’s rude to ask other people for money, so try to avoid doing that if you can. Other than that, good luck! I hope you have a great time in Woozworld and I hope you become very successful.
XoXo-Happymeal9 :)

“WoozWorld Fun!” by Kat

Hiiiii WoozWorld!!! Kat here!!!!! Today i’m going to tell you some WoozWorld fun!!!!!!!
Even though WoozWorld is seriously awesome, sometimes you might not know what to do.
Here are my top tips for keeping entertained in WoozWorld!!!!
1) Get gaming! There is always a woozen or someone doing some games!!! If you go to events search and type in the word: game, then you can see a list of really fun games (other times you have to type in the name of the game e.g. revenge). Such as: revenge, bd, emo, next top model, running game and so many more! Plus, on Tuesday, you can visit Max’s Game Show and get gaming!
2) Have fun with the animators! Every day of the week, each animator will host an exciting event for you to go to: Mya’s Fashion Show, Max’s Game Show, Jay’s Freestyle Hour, Jenny’s Book Club and Late Night with MyaWooz!!!! And sometimes, theres a bonus event going on (such as the Perfect Wedding 2.0). All this can be found if you keep reading the blog!!!!
3) Quests! There are many different quests in WoozWorld, and there are some mazes aswell. Jenny usually has a lot of book quests going, so i suggest you check them out!!! And if you go to the hall of quests, there are SOOOOO many different choices!!!!
4) Unitz! Customizing your unitz is soo much fun!! You could maybe create a games unitz to have fun with your friends in, or you could make an art unitz creating a unitz master piece!!!! ORR you could enter Jay’s unitz design!! Don’t forget to check out his theme every week!!!!
Well thats it from me!!
I hope these will help you have LOADSS of fun lool!!!!!
Kat :)

Have the most wonderful time at the Woozcarz Woozen Awards!


woozcartz 2012..They're HERE!

Attention all directors!!

While Jay and Mya were preparing for this year’s Woozcarz, Max came over to tell them about a brandNEW WoozIn feature that he invented – a way for Woozens to submit their Photo Albumz to the Woozband for contests! This gave Jay a brilliant idea – why not host a contest using this awesome new tool?! They called Jenny over to help decide what to do. She suggested letting the Woozens make a “moving picture” Albumz, like a movie, in honor of the upcoming Woozcarz***ATTENTION: Do NOT use this feature before reading the blog or you will NOT be able to participate!***

Each of them came up with one movie category for you to choose from:

Jay – Action

Mya – Romance

Max – Horror

Jenny – Fantasy

Check out the FOUR new backgrounds, unitz, props, and costumes that are now available in theWoozworld Store!

If you love making movies, this is your moment to shine! Introducing our first ever Photo Reel contest…The Up & Coming Directorz Edition! 

How To Enter

We’re on the search for the ultimate Photo Reel for each of the four categories: ActionRomance,Horror, and Fantasy. Using the items from the Woozworld Store, you’ll have to direct your very own story using the camera, your Albumz, and the new WoozIn feature!

If you want to enter the contest, create a Photo Reel between February 23rd – March 4th. Click here to find out How to Create a Photo Reel!

This contest is open to everyone but you can only enter ONE category, so choose wisely. Make sure you’re happy with it before you submit it because once you press the button you won’t be able to submit another!

Special for VIPs: As an added bonus, you can enter ALL FOUR categories for an even better chance of winning!

Your Photo Reel must have EXACTLY 12 photos, no more no less. So divide your story into twelve scenes and create a new Albumz with your movie’s name to save each photo to.

We’re leaving the rest up to YOU, just remember that originality and creativity will make you stand out!


There will be 3 Photo Reel finalists for each of the four categories selected by the Woozband movie expert for each.

We will edit the finalists’ movies and broadcast them LIVE at the Woozcarz Night on Friday, March 9th 2012 for all of Woozworld to see!

And then it’s up to YOU Woozens! You’ll have to vote for your favorite movies on the Woozband’s WoozIn page from March 10th – 11th 2012.


The winners will be announced on March 12th, 2012!

Each of the four winners will get these AWESOME prizes…
  •  A Woozcarz 2012 Trophy
  •  5000 Wooz to help you create your next Photo Reel
  • The fame and glory of winning the first Photo Reel Contest: Up & Coming Directors Edition!

In addition, all the finalists will get 250 Wooz for making it so far!

Are you the next up and coming director?!

There’s only one way to find out…

Good luck!

Your Woozband

the woozpaper vol.93 

Hiiii Woozens!

Did you catch The Oscars last night? If you didn’t, who cares?! We have our very own Woozcarz to think about!!!

For starters, there’s the Up and Coming Directors Contest happening right now! If you want to win 5000 Wooz and a Woozcarz 2012 trophy, you have to create a Photo Reel movie – and it’s really fun to do! Read all about the contest HERE!

And then there’s the Woozcarz Woozen Awards coming up this Sunday! All week long you’ll be able to nominate and then vote for Woozens in all kinds of categories like, Best Fashionista, Funniest Woozen, and Best Unitz Designer! Head over to Mya’s Woozcarz Red Carpet unitz between now and Feb. 29th at noon to nominate someone for a Woozcar Award. Read the instructions on the entry boxes carefully because if you write more than one word or if you nominate yourself the entry will not count. Voting will take place between Mar. 1st – Mar. 3rd at midnight. Good luck to everyone!

***Do NOT use the Woozband Wallz to get nominations or votes or you will be DISQUALIFIED!***

Don’t forget to check out the all new VIP exclusive shops in the Featured Tab of the Woozworld Navigator! You’ll find all kinds of great items in ZeChicWoozTyle ExclusiveExclusive Yeti Shop, and the Arctic Fest 2012 Shop so get your pass and start shopping today!

We also have a week of your favorite eventz, including a special guest appearance from Cypress atMax’s Game Show! Read all about it below!

This Week in Woozworld

Monday - It’s Woozcarz movie time at Mya’s Fashion Show! She wants to see your coolest Fantasy,HorrorRomance, or Action costumes from the Woozworld Store! If you want to be the Star of the Week, you’ll have to qualify by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to any of your unitz
  2. Dress in your Woozcarz Movie Costume
  3. Make a Display Eventz between 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM WoozTime
  4. Wait for Mya to visit you and judge your fashion styles
  5. If you win a key, go to Mya’s Fashion Show at 5:30 PM WoozTime to compete!

Tuesday - Cypress is back for some fun at Max’s Game Show! He’s coming to help host some games that will teach you about bullying as part of our W.E.B. – Where Everybody Belongs - Anti-Bullying Campaign. Be there at 1:00 PM or 8:00 PM WoozTime to test your knowledge and win a Game Podz andtrophy from Cypress!

Wednesday - The theme for Jay’s Freestyle Hour this week is Woozcarz! Your challenge is to come up with a 4 line freestyle asking for Woozens to nominate or vote you for a category. It’s just pretend, so you don’t actually have to be running for a place and the nominations will be closed before this eventz takes place anyways. Make it fun and fast to keep your audience captivated… afterall, they’ll be the ones to decide who wins a trophy at the end! Even if you’re in queue you’ll have a chance to win a trophy so go to Jay’s Poetry Cafe at 5:00 PM WoozTime to find out how!

Thursday - Yup you guessed it, NEW Bookz will arrive just in time for Jenny’s Bookz Club! There are 5new adventures to explore with the one and only JennyWooz in a brand new unitz dedicated to our awesome featured bookz, Cold Cereal. Pay attention to the readings if you want to win a trophy because whoever answers the most correct trivia questions will get one! Don’t miss out what should be a delightful time at 2:30 PM and 7:30 PM WoozTime.

Friday - After a week full of fun and excitement you’ll want to wind down at the Late Night with Mya Show! Catch up on anything you might have missed over the week and find out what’s coming up in the week ahead! Line up early if you want to ask Mya a question, or show up at 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM WoozTimeto watch and enjoy!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

3…2…1….ACTION! It’s time to show Jay your Ultimate Movie Set!!! There will be 4 winners picked foreach category, but you can only submit a design for one (just like all Unitz Design contests). Make an epic scene for a romance, fantasy, action, or horror movie and submit it to Jay’s Unitz Design HQ before midnight on Thursday to qualify. Each of the winners will get 50 Wooz and a trophy but there will also be a few runners up who will get trophies as well so it’s definitely worth a shot! Good luck!

Woozen Articles

“The Magic of Plantz” by Jazmyn99

If you feel like you’re low on money or clothes, and you don’t wanna spend your wooz, worry no more! Plantz are the perfect solution for gaining money, clothes, furniture and even unitz! You can buy them from Booya in the Shop Podz “Plantz”.The best plantz are the premium ones worth 60 wooz, they get you the best prizes in the end. So, here’s how plantz work: Each plant has it’s own cycle, the premium ones (in the picture) can be played every 8 hours for 4 times.
When you get your plant and click it when it’s ready, a memory game pops up. There are 4 levels, and it gets harder. At the first level you have 25 seconds to answer. Then 20, then 15, then 10 for the last one. The cards keep getting more jumbled. If you do well, you can get a Mystery Gift and a Big Mystery Gift, and when you open them you can get amazing luxury things! Or… more gifts!
If you can’t afford a premium plantz or can’t be bothered, many people have public plantz unitz and you can use theirs!Hope this helped you! Now go out there and get your inventory full of furniture and clothes!
P.S: You can also get beex and wooz (if you’re a VIP) if you do well!
Love and Sparkles,
Jazmyn xx

“How to Create a Quest” by Justin648b

Hello Woozens!
Here’s how to create a quest to be featured in the Woozens Quest unitz.
1. Pick a theme for your quest:
- A Color Scheme
- An Animator/Celebrity
- Seasons
- And many more…
2. Purchase teleporting tiles. (These can be found in Woozmart for 103 beex, make sure to color them to match your theme!)
3. Purchase decorations for your quest unitz and make sure they match your theme! (Decorations can be found in OMZ, Woozmart, and Woozen’s shops.)
4. Return to your unitz and design it. (I recommend you position your teleporter tiles in the places you want them, then place your decorations, so the decorations are not in the way.
5. Don’t forget to add a prize at the end!
6. Name your unitz: make it creative and original to be sure to catch the Woozband’s and other Woozen’s eyes.
7. Now you must go to the Woozens Quest unitz and click on the yellow podz and drag your quest unitz to the box in the podz. Also, you must provide a sentence or two about your quest.
8. Now comes the fun part…..you get to wait!
New quests come out approximately once a month, so don’t forget to check the unitz every now and then for new quests. And typically new quests are posted on the blog as well.
If it doesn’t get featured…..don’t fret! Just change it a little and to make it better, and repost it! (It took me a couple tries to get mine featured, but I’ve had 3 quests featured since!)
Thanks for reading, don’t scam or bully, and please remember; “Take A Stand, Lend A Hand.”

“How to Keep Up!” by jemoda

Hey Woozens! There is so so much going on in Woozworld! If your missing out on the action here are some things to keep up!
1. Read and check the Woozblog every day! Normally there are new posts monday, friday and saturday!
2. Visit the Woozworld Store! New store clothes are always nice to buy!
3. Read the animators WoozIn! The animators will post events that they will be hosting and comments about the events!
4. Read the Comics! Comics are shown on the blog and on the right side.
5. Ask a friend whats going on, they will tell you all they know to keep you up to date!
Hope this helps during the action!

Good luck in the Woozcarz!


Reminder: The Video Challenge Winners Blog will be out on Tuesday to give us time to watch all of your fantastic videos!

Weekend Eventz Schedule

Howdy Woozens!

The Woozcarz 2012 have arrived and this year it’s the Up and Coming Directors Edition!

There will still be Awards like last year, but you’ll have to wait until next week to learn more about that. Patience my friends…

In the meantime, get to work on those Photo Reels for a chance to win the newest Woozcarz contest!!! Catch up on all the details HERE or check out our step-by-step guide on How to Create a Photo Reel.

Still lost? Read on to find out how your Woozband will be helping you out this weekend!

Photo Reels 101

Max is hosting some Photo Reels 101 Workshops to teach you how to use the brand new feature he invented for the WoozIn. If you want to enter the Up and Coming Directors contest, this is a great way for you to learn how!

He’ll be giving a demonstration and full instructions on how to make a Photo Reel at the Late Night with Mya unitz. Afterwards, he’ll answer your questions (related to the new feature) and give you feedback on your ideas!


Saturday - 4:00 PM WoozTime

Sunday - 10:00 AM WoozTime

Woozband Guest Starz

Do you want one of your favorite Iconz to make a special guest appearance in your Photo Reel?

Well this is your chance!!!

Don’t miss out on this cool opportunity to have MyaJayMax, or Jenny guest star in your Photo Reel!

They’ll only have a few minutes in each unitz so you’ll have to be prepared with a script and a good idea of what you want them to do. Since they are notstarring in your Photo Reels, you can only use them for a maximum of two photos - so don’t plan on them being in every scene.

If you want them to visit you, make a Display Eventz from the unitz where you want the scene to take place. (We recommend locking the unitz so other Woozens can’t interfere with your photos.)

To make a Display Eventz, go to one of your unitz and open “Edit Mode” (at the top left corner). Click on the Calendar button and choose “Display” from the category drop-down list. Name your eventz and wait in your unitz until one of your Woozband shows up.


Saturday – Mya at 3:00 PM WoozTime & Jay at 5:00 PM WoozTime

Sunday – Max at 2:00 PM WoozTime & Jenny at 4:00 PM WoozTime

Good luck and happy Photo Reeling!

Your Woozband

the woozpaper vol.92

Hey Woozens!

I’m back just in time for the Woozcarz 2012: Up and Coming Directorz Edition!!!

Want to see your name in lights? Read all about how you can compete in this wonderful new contest using a brand new WoozIn feature HERE!

The Woozworld Store has awesome new movie setsprops, and costumesfor you to use to create the most EPIC movie ever! There are even four new backgrounds available! Choose from HorrorRomanceAction, or Fantasyand let your imagination run wild! Check out the new unitz in “Our Picks” to get some ideas!

Many of you have also been asking about the Awards Ceremony from last year. Don’t worry, it’s still happening – just be patient and stay tuned for more details.

VIPs have been getting some cool new benefits as well… like the Exclusive Yeti Shop! Stay tuned for even more cool things coming just for VIPs in the weeks ahead.

Highlights of the Week

Monday - To win a key for Mya’s Fashion Show this week you had to show Mya all the LOVEly outfits you collected for Valentine’s Day. At the end of the show a new Star of the Week was born… congratulationsSaraSpark who will be added to the one and only Woozen Walk of Fame!

Tuesday - Max was back with more fun and games at his Game Show! Everyone had a great time playing classic games like Wolf, Revenge, Lucky/Unlucky, and Crack the Code! Congratz to all those lucky Woozens who won themselves a Game Podz!

Wednesday - It was Jay’s Freestyle Hour all about your favorite movie in anticipation for the Oscars this weekend! At the end of the show, Jay’s favorite poets walked away with a sweet trophy!

Thursday - New bookz arrived just in time for Jenny’s Bookz Club at the Seekers Island of Shadows. Click on the chest to get a surprise gift as an added bonus! Great job to everyone who listened carefully and won a Mystery Gift from answering correctly at the trivia. Thanks to everyone else who joined in the reading adventure! Stay tuned for a Seekers Quest coming at the beginning of next week!

Friday - Catch up on all the latest news and happenings at the Late Night with Mya Show! It’s happening at 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM WoozTime so get there early if you want to line up and ask Mya a question at the end of the show!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

After watching one of the most romantic weddings ever… Jay decided to see what kind of Wedding Ceremony unitz YOU guys could make! If Jay ever gets married, he has a lot of places to choose from since there were so many lovely designs. He picked 10 winners who will each get 50 Wooz and a trophy, as well as 12 runners up who will each get a trophy as well. Great job to all!








Runners Up:

Kaddie206                                                                       -applesause-
shane8991                                                                       Nikki-Ashley
Kittykatiscool                                                                 1SWAGGERCHICK
taylor8523                                                                        angel3541l
snowblossom2                                                                gingerboggs
Kittymovie                                                                        Camo44

Woozen Articles

“Trivia Tips!” By NeeChee001

So, You’re at Jenny’s Book Club and DESPERATE for that lovely pink and green trophy. You want something amazing to show off to all of you’re friends, but you want to know you’ll get it for sure! Well, you’ll need to be the top trivia answerer! Here are some tips to help your trivia technique!
1: Don’t get side tracked! Focus completely on the book that’s being read. Yeah, Something CRAZY may be going on on that show you’re watching in the background, but focus on the book!
2: Make a mental note of any important information you might see. What’s the date? What’s that character’s name who just smiled at the main character down the road? Where is it set? You’ll need to remember everything you can!
3: Of course, I always go there to enjoy the books and find out about new things to discover! Sink yourself into a great storyline and you’re bound to remember way more!
4: Read the question carefully, don’t make a silly mistake! XD
5: Finally, get those typing fingers ready and GO GO GO! Don’t hold back, someone may have got the answer!
Have an awesome time and discover all the books out there! I wanted to write this as I LOVE books and reading, and this is great way to get into reading with a little competition for those of you who see it as being really boring! So get yourself to Jenny’s book club and sink into a great new book! Find something new to discover while trying for something nice to put in your trophy room ;)
Your Book-Lovin’
NeeChee001 xx

“Style Tips!” by Kat533k

Hiiiiiii WoozWorld!!!!! Kat here, giving you my latest style tips!
Five tips to help you with your fashionz!!!!!
1) Find a style that suits you. Going with your instinct is probably the best way to go, and i recommend it.
2) Mix TWO colors that go together well. e.g. Black and White or Pink and Purple. All colors mostly go with either black or white.
3) Look at your hair color. Your clothes are better if they are a different color from your hair, so they both stand out from each other.
4) Don’t think that you have to go with the latest fashionz. Even if you think that you NEED to look cool, don’t, because you look great in your own style. Standing out really isn’t that bad.
5) For great fashionz and quite good prices, Stylz is the best place! I suggest that you go and look around, because it really is cool.
Well, those are my five tips to fashion, i hope they helped you.
Kat :)

“Tips for How to get Wooz!” by OoKyrkoO

Hello Woozens! OoKyrkoO Is Here! To Save Your Day! :D
How to get Free Wooz! :D
There are 7 rules!
1.To become a VIP!
-Ones You Become a VIP You can earn 500 Wooz..in achievement plus acessories :) Cool!
2.By Selling Clothes on Your Store!
-Aside from becoming VIP you can even sell your useless clothes! or your hatest clothes especially rares! You can earn wooz! By selling Choice , Premium , Luxury Items!
3.By Click n’ Win!
-You may possible to win 500 , 5000 wooz or become a Vip..for many days!..And u also get Garments inable u to sell!
4.By Votes
-If Youre a VIP U can earn Wooz..if Woozens Vote on u or on ur unit..U may earn wooz too if u vote other woozen or unit!
5.By Spellz or Spellz Job
-This is use only if Your VIP! When woozens click..on you u can earn Wooz! :D But theres a time limit!
6.By Completing Achievements!
-If ur non-VIP U can complete achievment but u not gain Wooz..Only VIPs can gain wooz! ..
7.By Games!
-You can earn wooz buy games..like revenge , luck game etc. By using the Buy Or Out!
Thanks..Hope..You use oen of My Tips! And Hope U will Earn Wooz!

Good luck with your Photo Reels!


How to Create a Photo Reel

Hiya Woozens!

I’m here to tell you all about the new feature I’ve invented for the WoozIn and how to use it for the Up and Coming Directors contest.

Step 1: Click on the camera button at the top left hand corner of your screen to “Take a Photo!”

Step 2: Click and drag your mouse to adjust the white border and frame your shot.

Step 3: Let go of the button when you are happy with your photo or press Esc to try again.

Step 4: Create a new Albumz with your movie’s name and give your photo a scene number or name.

Step 5: Save your photo!

Step 6: Go to your Albumz from your WoozIn page when you have completed your 12 photos and click on “Submit as Photo Reel”Remember, you can only submit ONE Photo Reel (or one per category if you’re a VIP) so don’t press this button if you aren’t ready!!!

Note: If your Albumz is too long or too short, you will not be able to submit it.

That’s all there is to it! :D Check out Jenny’s Albumz for an example and to see her Photo Reel fantasy film!

Good luck with your movies!


Honeymoon Unitz Winners

Hey Everyone!

Thank you all for your warm wishes and thank you SO SO SO much from the bottom of our hearts for joining us in renewing our vows! About 1600 Woozens were in the unitz watching, we can’t say thank you enough!

For the Weekend Eventz, your task was to create a Honeymoon unitz for us and there were so many great options, we couldn’t pick just ONE! We chose 2 unitz to spend some Honeymoon time in! The two winners will get a trophy and 50W! We also couldn’t help but choose a few runner-ups that had amazing designs. You can click their names to write on their WoozIn!




Runners Up









All your prizes will be delivered Thursday Feb 23rd!

With love,
Max & Jenny ♥

Video Challennge  winners

Hi Woozens!

It’s Video Challenge Results Tuesday! The theme of last week’s video challenge was Put A Stop to Bullying! You gave a lot of good tips this week! With all the tips given, hopefully we can stop bullying!

We chose 3 top winners who will each get a shiny Video Trophy! You can also click their names to write on their wallz!

Video Challenge Winners




Video Challenge Shout-Outs

There were so many positive messages, we decided to feature 11 more videos! Each of the following runners up will get a Mystery Gift for all of their hard work!

Check out these awesome videos by clicking on a Woozen’s name below:












New Weekly Video Challenge

The Video Challenge this week is “A Movie Trailer“! The Oscars (Awards Show for Film) are just around the corner and we want you to create a 30-60 second movie trailer for your favorite film from 2011! When you are happy with the video, upload it to YouTube and copy down the URL (link). Head over to the Woozworld News HQ owned by StylaZ and find the Enlist Podz (beside the shiny Video Trophy).Submit the URL (link) to your video along with your Woozen name before midnight on Monday, February 27th, to qualify! The winners will get a Video Trophy!

Happy Filming Woozens!

Your Woozband

the woozpaper vol.91

Hello Woozens and Good Monday to you all!

Plush here taking over StylaZ this Monday! Don’t worry though, she will be back by Friday for the WoozPaper Vol. 92!

Last week was an exciting one with Max and Jenny renewing their vows! It was a beautiful ceremony and our friend GoodoldWooz even made an appearance (he’s quite the character)!

There’s a Valentine’s Super Sale happening in the Woozworld Store for ONLY 3 Days! You will LOVE the great dealz!

and to all VIPS: this week, new EXCLUSIVE unitz will be added to the VIP sectionin the Woozworld Navigation (the green Globe icon). This means you will need a VIP membership to enter these unitz!

I wonder what will be coming? :o

This Week in Woozworld

Monday -  Valentine’s Day has come and gone but the LOVE items are still in the Woozworld StoreON SALE!  Show Mya all the LOVEly outfits you’ve collected during the past few weeks on mannequins! The Woozens that make their outfits stand out will get a key to the Fashion Show and a shot at becoming the newest Star of the Week!!! ! Here’s how to qualify:

  1. Go to any of your unitz
  2. Put your outfits on mannequins
  3. Make a Display Eventz between 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM WoozTime
  4. Wait for Mya to visit you and judge your fashion styles
  5. If you win a key, go to Mya’s Fashion Show at 4:00 PM WoozTime to compete!

Tuesday - Join Max at his Game Show unitz for a chance to win a Game Podz ;)! The fun begins at 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM WoozTime!

Wednesday - Y’all ready for Jay’s Freestyle Hour this week? The Oscars are coming up so it’s time to Freestyle about your favorite movie! It doesn’t have to rhyme but you must keep it under 6 lines long. Get creative but keep it sweet and simple for a chance to win a trophy. Head over to Jay’s Poetry Cafe at3:00 PM WoozTime to share your freestyles!

Thursday - It’s that special time of the week for some NEW BOOKZ! Come to Jenny’s Bookz Club at 3:00 PM or 7:00 PM WoozTime to hear a sample from our 5 bookz this week! Make sure you follow along for trivia to win a Mystery Gift or even a trophy!

Friday - We end the week with some Late Night with MyaWooz! The shows begin at  11:00 AM and 7:30 PM WoozTime. Mya will be giving you the latest news happening in Woozworld, telling you about the Weekend Eventz AND answering YOUR questions!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge

In light of Max and Jenny’s Perfect Wedding 2.o, your Unitz Design Challenge this week is The Perfect Wedding Ceremony! What would your perfect wedding look like? Would it be on the beach, in a forest filled with Vampirz and Werewolvz, or maybe on a cruise? When your design is Perfect, go to Jay’s Unitz Design HQ and submit your unitz to the Enlist Podz before 11:59PM Thursday to qualify! The top winners will get 50 Wooz and a trophy  and runners up will each get a trophy as well!!

Woozen Articles

“No More Being Bored” by zackattack57

There are many things to do here in Woozworld so I’ve made a list! Here are somethings you can do.

1.Get some plants and play the memory game. You can win beex and sometimes a mystery gift.

2.Look through the events. There are many different places to go in Eoozowlrd such as a bargain beex or a game.

3.Hang out with your friends. Nothing is better than hanging out with your friends. You could pick a spot for your friends to go so you can meet up. My frinds always go to street.

4.Lastly you can always do quests. Quests are fun to do and challenge your brain. There are many different quests like the cats and dogs one or bookz quests.

So I hope that you will never get bored in Woozworld.

Stay classy Woozworld (always wanted to say that XD)

- zackattack57

“How To Ignore A Bully” by KawaiiKittyxD

Bonjour Woozens,
This is your new reporter Kawaii here,and today I’m going to tell you how you can aviod a bully!I know you see many articles teaching you how to aviod a bully..but this article will really help you. Many woozens in woozworld are begin bullied right this second as we speak.What do they do?Most of them talk back to the ”bully”.Don’t! Because thats what the bully wants you to do!

I’m going to teach you the IWB (Ignore,walk away,block) :
1. Ignore
2. Walk away ( go to another unit)
3. Block the bully

Here is another step to get the bully off you back :
1. Talk it out

Ask The bully why he or she is messing with you. If that doesn’t work, you report the bully. What if they bully comes back? You just ignore them.

I hope this article really help you. Don’t worry guys the woozband is trying to end bullying!

Have a bully-free day,

“Styles in Woozworld” by Jemoda

Hey Woozens!
I’ve seen some awesome fashion recently! If you’re looking to upgrade your inventory here are some clothing must haves!

Hair- Princess Mya and Rebellion – For Her
Dresses/tops- Bustier Dress and Heart Tube Top
Pants- Multiple Types Of Jeans
Shoes- Winter Boots and Checkered/High Canvas Shoes

Hair- The Cursed Poet and The New Poet
Tops- Game Jersey and Shiny Jacket
Pants- Multiple Types Of Jeans
Shoes- Retro Sneakers and Checkered Shoes

These are the most popular clothing items, doesn’t mean you are not cool! Rolling to your own style is sweet too!


I have invaded the WoozBlog again, muahahahah! I am getting better at this though! :)


Reminder: The Video Challenge Winners Blog will be out on Tuesday to give us time to watch all of your fantastic videos!

Weekend Eventz Schedule

Hey Woozens!

We want to surprise Max and Jenny with a little video for them, soif you took Pictures (using WoozIn) or did some video, read on(even if you didn’t read on)!

Our plan is to make a video using pictures and videos you took during the wedding ceremony. We’ve left an Enlist Podz in “The Perfect Wedding 2” owned by Jenny (we’re keeping them away from that Unitz) for you to enter.

If you took pictures using the WoozIn, here are your instructions:

1) Go to “The Perfect Wedding 2” owned by JennyWooz and click on the Enlist Podz
2) Tell us your Woozen name
3) Tell us the name of the Albumz so we can get the pictures
4) If you took any video during the ceremony, please read the next part before submitting.
5) Click Submit!

If you shot any video during the wedding ceremony, here are your instructions:

1) Create a YouTube account and upload the video
2) If you have more then one video, upload them all
3) When the videos are uploaded, copy (ctrl + c on a PC / cmd + c on a Mac) the link
(a link looks like http://youtube.com/watch?v=axcCculo1Ww)
4) Go to “The Perfect Wedding 2” owned by JennyWooz and click on the Enlist Podz
 Tell us your Woozen name
6) Paste (ctrl + v on a PC / cmd + v on a Mac) the video link(s)
 Click Submit!

If we use your images or footage, you will get a credit at the end of the video! WOO!

The Perfect Honeymoon 2.0

If you missed it yesterday (hopefully you aren’t living under a rock xD), Max and Jenny renewed their vows! It was a really lovely ceremony and I think we spotted Mya giving Jay a cute hug at the end?! Now that the wedding is over, it’s time for the cute revowed couple to get away but they can’t seem to decide on a location!

It’s time for your Design skillz Woozens! We need YOU to design a Honeymoon Unitz for Max and Jenny to relax in!

This weekend, Max and Jenny will be looking at your Honeymoon Unitz in Display Eventz!

To add your unitz to Display Eventz, go to your unitz and open Edit Mode, then click on the Calendar to create a Display Eventz


Saturday –  11:00 AM , 1:00PM and 3:00 PM WoozTime 

Sunday – 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM

The One and Only Ivan Quest

In the quest this week we learn all about Ivan from our latest featured bookz, The One and Only Ivan! If you are wise enough to make it to the end you’ll get 250 Beex and another trophy for your collection!Browse inside the bookz by clicking to help you find the answers easily and get to the final prize!

Your Woozband

the wooz paper vol.90
Hello Woozens!

Today’s the BIG DAY!!! Max’s and Jenny’s Perfect Wedding 2.0 is happening tonight at 7:00 PM WoozTime! Clear your schedule and save the time so you can watch these lovebirds renew their vows and say “I do” (again). :-P

The results are in for the Wedding Party contest and the groomsmen andbridesmaids have been chosen! Each of these four Woozens will have the honor of standing by Max and Jenny during the ceremony. They will also get an outfit to wear, a special title, a picture frame of the full Wedding Party, and will even be featured in a comic that will live on forever! Congratz to…

BridesmaidsAnaRoseVictoria and Eska

Groomsmen-DoctorWho- and Camo44

Since the top 6 worked so incredibly hard collecting Lovz Particlz, we’ve decided to award the 4th – 6th place runners up with a special Valentine’s Trophy! Well done to Romia7TheCureFan112Sera2Ali-heartheroqueen-gagaArmiinJackkie, and JOJOE14!!

If you haven’t read it yet, Mya posted a Wedding Style Guide on the blog that you can read HERE. Dress your best tonight because it’s going to be unforgettable!

You also may have noticed the new VIP Only tab in the Featured section of the Woozworld Navigator. In it you’ll find a variety of unitz that offer exclusive items only for VIPs! ZeChic has been updated with new clothing and will continue to offer the latest styles so keep checking back. You can also get the exclusiveGarden Patio unitz and full WooZtyle Collection!

Next week we’re switching gears from love to… well you’ll just have to wait and see! Who doesn’t love a good surprise? ;-)

Highlights of the Week

Monday - In preparation for today’s ceremony, Mya wanted to see your Perfect Wedding outfits for a chance to compete at her Fashion Show. There were soooo many great styles that it wasn’t easy picking the 20 finalists. Then, after one of the closest contests yet that ended with a tie breaker, a new Star of the Week was born! Congratz to our newest addition on the Woozen Walk of Fame… NeeChee001!

Tuesday - Max’s Game Show this week was a Valentine’s Day special! Woozens had tons of fun playing Revenge, the Color Game, Crack the Code, Wolf, and Lovey/Unlovey! As a romantic bonus, everyone who took home a Game Podz also got a special Love Sandwich Yeti!!

Wednesday - At Jay’s Freestyle Hour this week there were some really beautiful poems in tribute to Max and Jenny.  Jay let the audience vote for their favorites and awarded the winners trophies, including one lucky Woozen from queue who shared their tribute on Jay’s Wallz.

Thursday - Jenny’s Bookz Club celebrated another week of new bookz at Ivan’s Big Top Mall! Head over there to collect the latest titles and pick up your very own Ivan!! Follow the red arrow and make it through The One and Only Ivan Quest to win a trophy and some Beex. Don’t forget to browse inside the bookz to find the answers!

Friday - Before the wedding, Mya will be hosting her Late Night Show at 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM WoozTime to give you the latest news and updates from in and around Woozworld. Get there early for a chance to ask Mya a question in the second half of the show but remember, no personal questions will be answered. Then at 7:00 PM WoozTime it’s the Perfect Wedding 2.0!!!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge – Cypress Edition

It’s time to find out who won Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge this week for Cypress‘ choice of theme “Pop Art Album Cover”! It was a tricky topic but once again you managed to impress Cypress with your creativity and original designs. The TOP 2 winners will have their unitz linked to the Cypress Rhyme Labplus 50 Wooz and a trophy. The other 6 winners will each get 50 Wooz and a trophy as usual. 10 runners up were also chosen to receive a trophy for all of their hard work!

TOP 2 Winners:


___Other Winners:




Runners Up:

Jelsea                                                                                jusrin1
SelenaGomez6428                                                        alexandria306
AndraAndra1                                                                   TrendyGirl18
JazzBoy                                                                            jawsline
SaraSpark                                                                        PiixelTux

Woozen Articles

“Ways to Fill Your Inventory” by Sharppie-

1. Play the Memory Game on Plantz
When you buy a plant and play the Memory Game that appears when you click it,You have to go through a few stages.The timer speeds up as you progress but once you are done,You get a mystery gift (Size depending on which plant it is) and Beex. A two in one offer!
2.Surf the Events
People often have things that won’t be bought for any reason so they end up giving it for free.Just go to events and type in Free.
3.Ask friends
Your friends are the best people you have here on WoozWorld! If you ask and they are generous enough they may give you a stylish outfit! (Don’t be greedy though!)
Those are the 3 tips I have,hope this helps!
xx Sharp

“Advice for Bullies” by Aeropostale

Howdy Friends!
The yearly day of love is over but that doesn’t mean the time to stop loving each other is over as well. Although Woozworld has made great progress in trying to put a stop to all the cyberbullying occuring on Woozworld, many woozens are still bullying one another. So, instead of giving tips to the victims, today I’m here to give some tips to the bullys themselves. It might be shocking to many, but bullies can actually be really nice deep down on the inside. They might have fust had something bad happen to them that effected the way thhey treat people. So some ways to deal with the frustrated feelings you have inside of you instead of putting them out on other people are…
1. Find A Hobby – Get you’re mind off whatever is bothering you and just find something you like to do that will occupy your time.
2. Go for a walk – Get off the internet which might be pushing you to bully someone even more. Spending time out and away from people and just relaxing might also help get your mind off stressful things.
If you learn how to be nice to the others around you, then the world will open more oppurtunities and you will find yourself to have a more positive attitude towards life. Come on woozens! Let’s take a stand against cyberbullying and teach the world how bad it can be and the aftermath of it! Take a Stand!Have a fun weekend everyone!

“How to Succeed in Mya’s Fashion Show!” by NeeChee001

Hey Guys! It’s Nee Here With Some Tips For Mya’s Fashion Show Success! Yeah, I May Not Be The BEST Person To Ask, But I Can Still Try! Ok Sooo:
1: Make Your Entry Stand Out! Make A Unique Unitz With A Unique Outfit! Dare To Be Different and Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out!
2: If Mya Comes To You And Gives You A Key, Make Some Last Minute Preperations For Those Tricky Themes, Then Wait! You Don’t Want To Be Late!
3: Have A Feeling It Won’t Go All To Well? Practise At BD And Next Top Model Games! It’s Fun, It’s Practise And It Gets You Some GREAT Prizes!
4: Look At The Theme She Says Through The Fashion Show… Is There A Way To Be A Bit Different And Creative With That Theme? Can You Twist The Words A Bit?
5: Finally, Be In It To Win It. Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out, But Also Make Sure Your Playing To The BEST Of Your Ability. Getting In Is Tricky Enough, But To Win Fashion Show, You Need Practise, Clothes, Creativity And That Little Hint Of Luck That The Themes Will Be Good!
Hope That This Helps!
NeeChee001 xx

Have a wonderful time at the wedding!


the woozpaper vol.77

Welcome to 2012 Woozens!!!

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Years Eve!

You can still get your FREE 2012 Yeti and Trophy by making it to the end of my Quest to the New Year (just search my name and find my last unitz)!

2011 was an amazing year for Woozworld… but 2012 is here now and it’s going to be even better!!!

Kicking off the start of the year is a very SPECIAL GUEST visit today! Make sure you’re around at 3 PM WoozTime so you don’t miss out!!!

What else is up this week? A new collection of winter clothing arrivesTuesday to get you ready for the cold weather and also for my favorite sport… snowboarding! A sneak preview will open up today so you can see what’s coming!

It’s also the start of a new rotation of weekly eventz that you can check out below!

This Week in Woozworld

Monday – As the weather cools down it’s time to prepare some unitz to suit the season! Thus, the theme of Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge this week is “Cold as Ice”! To help you out with your designs, you can gather items from the shop in Jay’s Unitz Design HQ. Once you’re finished with your unitz head back to the Design HQ and submit it to the Enlist Podz before midnight on Thursday to qualify! Each of thewinners will get 50 Wooz and a special trophy! The runners up and a few newer Woozen participantswill also get the trophy so it’s definitely worth a shot!

Tuesday – Have you always dreamed of being the Star of the Week?! If so, this is your chance! For a chance to be one of the 20 lucky Woozens who get to compete at Mya’s Fashion Show, follow the instructions below:

  1. Dress in your Holidayz Celebration Outfits from the Woozworld Store
  2. Make a Display Eventz between 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM WoozTime
  3. Wait for Mya to visit you and judge your fashion styles
  4. If you win a key, go to Mya’s Fashion Show at 10:00 AM WoozTime to compete!
  5. Good luck and may the best dressed win!!!

Wednesday - Your fun and wacky Iconz is back for more fun and games! Catch Max’s Game Show at10:00 AM and 3:00 PM WoozTime to play some classic Woozworld games and try to win an exclusiveGame Podz!

Thursday – Jenny’s Circle Chat returns this month to give you time to share your thoughts on various topics and issues with your fellow Woozens and JennyWooz! This week Jenny wants to know what you thought of our special guest on Monday! Head over to the WzW High Auditorium at 12:00 PM or 8:00 PM WoozTime to participate and get a Mystery Gift!

Friday – Once again it’s the Late Night with Mya Show happening at 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM WoozTime! Catch up on all the latest news and find out what’s coming up!! If you get there early you can line up for a chance to ask Mya a question at the end of the show! Woooohooo!!!!

Woozen Articles

“Happy New Years! Have a Great Year Ahead!” by pearlsnow

Hello Friends This is your friend woozen Pearlsnow.

Wow, cant believe I will be completing year 2 in some days .. Woot Woot !! and cant believe Woozworld is just a month elder to me ! Go Woozworld , I luv you !

Lots of things happened in last 2 years, we got Great Stunning outfits, Cool furnitures, Awesome unitz and so many features. It’s a whole New World now ! And the Best thing that happened last month was “WoozIn”! Whats WoozIn? The best way to stay connected with friends. But we also got some problems. Problems? What do you mean by problems pearl? Yeah here are some  problems and  there are ways we can take care of them. “Take care of them? What are you talking about pearl? Are you crazy? We cant take care about the problems that we are facing on Woozworld, we are just kids.. you’re out of  your mind pearl.” So here are some problems and the answers to them:

Problem No 1 Bullies: I hear a lot of things about being getting bullied. “Oh I got bullied”, “My friend got bullied”, “Someone called me ugly”. It’s not the first time we hear about it, or its not that I have not got bullied. I got bullied in the past, when I was poor and I still get bullied. But the answer is with us. Let’s take a simple example. A woozen says to me “Pearl you are ugly, and I don’t like you” . My answer, yes you are right I may be ugly in your eyes, but I am beautiful in the eyes of my parents, I am beautiful in the eyes of my brother, I am beautiful in the eyes of my sister, and I love my friends and I am beautiful in the eyes of my friends. And that makes me the most beautiful person I am. So it actually does not matter what other woozens or people think about me but what matters is what my friends and family think about me. Those are the people who I love and they love me back.

I read this somewhere: “A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” ~Roald Dahl

What I do when I get bullied: There may be lots of times we get bullied. We have solution for it.

Step  1 : If he/she in your friends list and is making you feel uncomfortable and bullying you here on woozworld,  First step should be to Remove him/her from friends list.

Step 2 : Click on the profile of the woozen who is bullying you, On right hand corner down below there we have report button, report that woozen. “But pearl, woozens say that the report button does not work, I reported that woozen so many times”.  I have been here for long time and I know that report button does work. The Woozband get lots of reports every day and they investigate everything and take action. So it takes some time, but it does work. But in any case Step 3 works completely and immediately.

Step 3 : If you notice, There is a Block button, next to report button. Click on it and there you go. The woozen is blocked and will not be able to follow you , or send messages to trouble you.

Step 4 : Leave that place, and go to some other unit , play games with friends, chat or just hang around. There are lots of unitz to hang around or get creative. If you are new there are lots of secret places on woozworld, try exploring them. Its really fun. Why wait and argue on simple things, and start fighting and wasting our time.  Best secret place is ChuckNorris secret Maze.  Explore it ! I luv that place , Its simply Amazing, if Chuck is reading this, Chuck we are waiting for new Mazes !
See its so very simple, instead of complaining we got answer to it.

Problem Number 2 Hackers : “I got haxed”, “He/she stole my stuff”.

We often hear about this. And solution is with us .

Step no 1 : Never Give out your email and password to any one.  Even if someone says, “I will make you woozband and give you 5000 wooz, and I just need your email and passwords”First thing, We woozens can never become woozbands. We are kids, we need to complete studies , and it’s a real job, no fun actually :p its hard work. Woozbands work hard to see that we play safe.  So anyone saying, “I will make you woozband” is completely fake. No one can make us woozband. And no woozband members will ever ask for email and password. Its your treasure and your property keep it safe.

Step no 2 : Make your password so complicated that no one can guess it. Like use alphabets and numbers together. Don’t make it easy for others to guess.

Step no 3 : Do not go in for trade. I personally don’t like to go in the trade. There are 99% chances you will get cheated, even if its your best friend.

Problem no 3 Chain Mails : I see lots of chain mails going around on woozin . What are this chain mails. It’s a mail that says, post this on 10 peoples wall or else something bad will happen to  you or your friend.  This are the messages that some one post it for fun,  and rest belive it and keep on posting on everyones wall , but if we keep on seeing them on everywall every hour, is that funny ? no. those are posted by someone just for fun. And those are really annoying. What we can do is , don’t continue posting when we see them. Just ignore them. Those are lies. Nothing bad happens if we don’t post it. I have never continued or posted those kinds of messages and still am happy, and nothing bad has happened to me.
We are Rulers : Yeah I said it right, We woozens are rulers here.  We create unitz, we make friends , we play games,  We Create our own world ! and we are all Prince and Princess! Now the question is what kind of world do we want ? If we follow the above simple things, we will have most beautiful world ever, Just like in fairy tale.  We all are here to have fun.  No one likes to be bullied , no one likes to be hacked, no one likes to be annoyed. No one likes Rude behavior . But the Answer is with us. We follow those simple steps and the World is ours.  Respect others.  Don’t let anyone let you down, We are all special in our own way !

Little Note to One’s who bully : I am sure not only  the Woozens who get bullied will be reading this, but there will also be the ones who are bullying others reading this. So this note is for them. Does it make you feel good when you bully others ? Are you making friends with the ones who you bully and make fun of ? is being rude making your day ? is arguing making you feel like a king/queen ? No you will feel good for sometime, you will feel like a boss for some time but than you will the one who would be losing a good friend . You will be the one who will lose respect of your friend, you will be the one who would be left alone. No one likes Rude friends, no one like haters. So why you want to make your own loss ? We are all here to have fun. So just chill and have fun and enjoy !

Luv you all !
If you call me ugly, I still luv you, cause you just made me realize how beautiful I am !
May this year be fun filled and happiness to all ! Happy New Year to all !
Long Live Woozworld !

“How To Get Popular Without Being A VIP” by BestieMe64

Hey woozens! :) It’s me BestieMe64 and today I’ll be telling or teaching you some tips on how to get popular on woozworld without being a VIP. Let’s get started with the tips and advice!
1. Always be social. Get to interact with other woozens like go to places at hot now or some eventz and meet new woozens, the more you meet, the MORE you get popular.
2. Host eventz. Host eventz and lots of people will come to your event and might write a comment, vote, or like your unitz and might come everyday to hang out!
3. Compete in Weekly Video Challenges or Jay’s Unitz Design Contests and once you be one of the winners, people will see your video or your unitz and think this person is unique!
4. Last but not least, the whole point of getting popular, you gotta be nice and kind to other woozens to like you. Woozens won’t like you if you be rude or insulting. It hurts other woozens feelings so treat other people the way YOU wanted to be treated.
So I hoped you liked my tips and advice about How To Be Popular Without Being A VIP! So Add Me, I’m BestieMe64 And I’m Nice and Kind so write me a message, add me or find me at places! Bye woozens! ;)

“New Fashion Tips!” by Jackkie

Hello there woozens !
It’s a new year very exciting!
Which equals.. more tips, From Jackkie!
Another fetish I have is fashion! And the perfect time to work it on
the run way is either at : Next top models, or Mya’s fashion show.
Do you want to win! (I do I do!) well here is tips for a better chance!
1. Before leaving to play, prepare yourself for any up coming themes. Such as common ones are :
-bd (best dressed)
-newer woozens
2. If you have a big inventory or might take a while on a harder
theme, try going around the back of the line for more time
3. This is something very important that you will use threw out your life.. CREATIVITY ! Don’t be boring , spice it up! :D
4. Be a good sport. Even if you get out, remember there’s still plenty of chances.
5. Finally!….Cheer on people compliment them, example:
“Hey Ashley wow you came up with a great outfit!!!”
“Danielle, Work that runway own it! :D”
“Good luck Blake!”/Good Luck ladies!!! :D
I’m guessing you get my point.. lol xD
Have an CREATIVE day! :D

Have a wonderful start to 2012 everyone!!!


Reminder: The Video Challenge Winners Blog will be out on Tuesday to give us time to watch all of your fantastic videos!

video challenge winners

Hey Woozens!

It’s Video Challenge Results Tuesday! The theme last week was New Year’s Resolutions!! We hope you all keep your resolutions going!

We chose 3 top winners who will each get a shiny Video Trophy (yee-hah)! You can also click their names to write on their wall!

Video Challenge Winners




Video Challenge Shout-Outs

There were sooo many fantastic videos that we couldn’t help but pick a few more to feature on the Blog.

Each of the following runners up will get a Mystery Gift for all of their hard work!

Check out these awesome videos by clicking on a Woozen’s name below:






New Weekly Video Challenge

This week’s theme is… Winter Wonderland!! Create a scene and have your friends act! The story can include anything, as long the theme is Winter Wonderland. Some ideas to get your brain thinking are snowball fights, skating, sledding even outside hockey! BE CREATIVE!! When you are happy with the video, upload it to YouTube and copy down the URL (link). Head over to the Woozworld News HQ (owned by StylaZ) and find the Enlist Podz (beside the shiny Video Trophy). Submit the URL (link) to your video along with your Woozen name before midnight on Monday, January 9th, to qualify! The winners will get a Video Trophy!

Happy Filming Woozens!

Your Woozband

the woozpaper vol.78

Happy Friday!

The first week of the year has already come and gone but boy did we have so much fun!!!

Two musical sensations, Cypress and deadmau5, have already made special appearances in Woozworld, but they aren’t finished yet…

To start, there will be another surprise tonight at the 7:30 PM Late Night with Mya Show! :O

Then next week we have a huge Dance Contest featuring deadmau5 onJanuary 10th!!

Use the time you have until then to get your dance crew together,choreograph something awesome with your Movez, and build an original unitz that represents the feel of your crew as well as deadmau5‘s music. The best dance crews judged by your Woozband and deadmau5 will be awarded with an exclusive bronze, silver, or gold trophy!!! Better get to it!

Most importantly, Jay’s Party featuring deadmau5 is onJanuary 14th! You won’t want to miss out so mark it on your calendar and tell all your friends!! Get pumped with his latest hit Aural Psynapse HERE!

There’s also another great Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off deal in the Woozworld Store for the NEW Arctic Fest clothing collection! Get stylish for the cold weather and make this a winter to remember!

We have some really cool stuff planned for the weekend so keep an eye on theBlog tomorrow for full details in the Weekend Eventz Schedule!

Highlights of the Week

Monday – We got a big surprise! Three new unitz opened up and welcomed a huge celebrity - deadmau5 to Woozworld!!! Woozens hung out with Max and Jenny in the Woozband’s Igloo for a sneak peak of the Arctic Fest clothing while Jay and Mya were at the Arctic Hotel hosting an exclusiveinterview with deadmau5! Afterwards, the deadmau5 Lounge opened up with some FREE ears and anEnlist Podz where you can submit a question to be answered at Jay’s Party on the 14th! What a day!!!

It was also the start of another Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge with the fitting theme: “Cold As Ice”! A variety of items were sold at Jay’s Unitz Design HQ that really helped you create some spectacular chilling designs!!! Jay chose 10 TOP winners who will each get 50 Wooz and an icy cold trophy! He also picked 12 runners up and 3 newer Woozen participants who will also receive the trophy!







Runners Up:

sweetstyle                                                                                      Danoma
OoOAlexaOoO                                                                             Ali-hearthero
png8                                                                                               SimiXka450
AFbaby                                                                                           lilyblackgirl
ChloeDiamond                                                                             earlybird123
chexyie                                                                                           AnnaHeartz

New Woozens:


Tuesday – At Mya’s Fashion Show this week the theme was Holidayz Celebration clothing! Woozens showed off their styles for a chance to win a key to compete. After another tough contest, the winner and our newest Star of the Week is Maxi-Gem1! Check out Mya’s Albumz for a great snapshot from the show and visit the Woozen Walk of Fame to see all of our past stars!

Wednesday – Once again Max returned for another one of his classic Game Shows! Woozens got to play Revenge, Lucky/Unlucky, 123 Change, and the Color Game for a chance to win an exclusive Game Podz! Come back next week for some more fun and games!!!

Thursday – At Jenny’s first Circle Chat of the month, Woozens shared their stories and great poems about deadmau5 and his Woozworld visit. Almost everyone there said they’re now hooked on his music and are just loving their new mau5 ears!!! Congratulations to everyone who was voted as an audience favorite and won a trophy!

Friday – The Late Night With Mya Show is happening at 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM WoozTime with a special surprise at the second show! The show will be a little bit different for those attending tonight… so you won’t know what to expect! Get there early so you don’t miss out on the excitement!!! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Woozen Articles

“How To Earn Wooz Easily!” by Shandlay

Hey Everyone. Im Going To Give You Tips On How To Earn Wooz Easily
First One Is For Poors And Non Vips :
1. Buy Alot Of Mystery Gifts
2. Open Them
3. Sell Everything You Get (Exept Spellz) For Half The Public Price
Second One Is For The Rich And Vips
1. Buy Stuff From People For Cheap Or Get From Frees
2. Sell It For Half The Public Price
3. Make Adz And Make Your Shop With Very Good Stuff (Vips) For Votes
4. Earn More Wooz From That And Buy More Rare, New, Or Luxury Stuff
Thats All What I Have For Now. Your Friend And Woozen Shandlay

“What’s Up in Woozworld” by 13Jamie13

What’s Up Woozens! 13Jamie13 here with your latest update from what is happening now in your favorite online game.. Woozworld! As you probably know, the new “Arctic Fest” in Woozworld has arived and is taking off! So if you are into fashion, the acrtic fest is so for you! Adorable Hats, Coats, and lets not forget shoes.. What could be better! Another huge hit in Woozworld at the moment is the LATE NIGHT WITH MYA WOOZ show! Everyone, and beyond everyone is trying to get out of the queue just to take a pic with te animator herself! Se gives awesome news and talks about upcomming eventz! If your going to plan to go get there MEGA early! If not, you will be stuck watching from a queue ( how sad D: ) The next MEGA eventz in woozworld is the deadmau5 mouse ears! They are totally the new fashion! And the best aprt is.. they are free! You can even customize them to fit your style with making them watever color you choose! Now that is somthing to “Wooz Dance” about! Well I have to get back to creating awesome unitz, making new friends, and starting my owner business on Woozworld! You heard it first from your fellow woozen, 13Jamie13

“Chain Mails” By VIGOIS14

Hey Guys Am Vigo :) And I Got Something To Tell You. I Think You ALL See People Writing Chain Mails.
Whats Chain Mails? : Chain Mails Is A Letter That Says For Example There Was A Girl Called Sophie And She Died When She Was 9 Send This To 10 People Or You Will Die. Thats Chain Mails. Of Course Alot People Have Saw That. That Needs To Stop. I Read Some Chain Mails And I Dont Send Them To People. And Guess What? Am Alive =D The Chain Mails Are Just Liees!
Follow These Steps… Woozens.
1. If You See A Chain Mail IGNORE It. Or Just Dont Read It.
2. Dont Belive In Chain Mails. If You Read It Nothing Happens. You Will be Alive =D
3. If You Read A Chain Mail And You Think OMG I NEED TO POST THIS ON 10 PAGES!! Dont The Chain Mails Is The Biggest Lie Ever. Your Gonna Be Alive NOTHING Will Happen To You.
Thanks For Reading My Article! And Remember. Chain Mails Are LIES. It Just Makes You Scared.But It Does Absolutely Nothing!
Bye :)

“How to Win Games” by Nelio4

Hey guys I’m Nelly,and today i wanna talk about what lots of people struggle with,and that is Winning at any game. We’ll walk through common games, and what to do and I hope it helps ;)
Revenge- Most of the time people ask the same thing,so observe what one person said, and if another says it then you know it has been passed around. Even if you think the answer is wrong, throw it in there anyway might as well try right?
Color game- Always have one hand on the mouse,and both eyes on the host.Make sure don’t concentrate to hard or you’ll get caught off guard,TRUST ME it happens to me all the time.
Bd- We all like bd it’s my personal favorite, but we don’t have the right clothes that dosen’t suit the category. Color- For this you need to have your inventory open, and yourself at
WoozMart! Using cute clothes that you wanna wear and then destroying it with wierd colors stinks when there is another way!
Theme- Go cheap shopping (even the wierdest clothes can come in handy) Whatever is cheap put it in your shopping cart, think about the last bd theme and what you didn’t get.
Running game- When running, run in long confusing lines, not small areas (This way the host dosen’t know which way your going, so they’ll give up on you)
Hide and Seek- Make sure you have a Pc or a mouse for your laptop, so you can spin of course.The number one rule of hiding seek is “If i see you, YOU’RE OUT!” It’s hard but can be done!
That is it for now guys,hope you enjoyed. Thank you have a WoozWorld day

Have an icy cool weekend everyone!


the woozpaper vol.79

Hello (again) Woozens!

Did ya miss me? ;) I’m back to the WoozBlog this week! StylaZ has been doing a lot of snowboarding and the cold has finally caught up with her. Hopefully she’ll recover for the WoozPaper on Friday!

Over the weekend, we were lucky to have Cypress host some Freestyling and a Unitz Design Contest. With Cypress making his appearance.. it’s now time for deadmau5 to make his!

TOMORROW (Tuesday) there will be a Dance Contest with deadmau5 as a judge! Create a Unitz, get a dance crewtogether and choreograph a dance routine to his song Aural Psynapse (found HERE). Don’t use the full song, just a specific part of it.

The WoozBand and deadmau5 will start viewing Unitz in Display Eventz from 6:00 PM WT – 9:00 PM WT! There are 3 levels of trophies and EVERY crew that participates will get a trophy (depending how good you are)!

AND don’t forget Jay’s Party featuring deadmau5 on Jan 14th (Saturday).

It’s a deadmau5 week Woozens!

This Week in Woozworld

Monday – Jay will start his Unitz Design Challenge and the theme is deadmau5! Submit using the Enlist Podz in Jay’s Unitz Design HQ before midnight on Thursday to qualify. Winners get 50 Wooz AND a trophy customized by Jay!

Jay’s Freestyle Hour – Freestyle about your favorite celebrity visit so far. Jay’s favorite poems get trophies! You get a Mystery Gift just for having the courage to go up on stage! Head on over to Jay’s Poetry Cafe at 6:00 PM WoozTime to show off your freestylin’ skillz!

Tuesday – The search for a new Star of the Week is on at Mya’s Fashion Show! It’s time to show off your Arctic Fest clothing for a chance to win a key to compete at the show! Here’s what you have to do to qualify:

  1. Dress in your best Arctic Fest clothing
  2. Make a Display Eventz between 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  3. Wait for Mya to visit you!
  4. If you win a key, go to Mya’s Fashion Show at 4:00 PM WoozTime to compete!

Wednesday – Max’s Game Show! – Games, prizes, and a wicked fun time! 12:30 PM or 7:00 PM WoozTime! Get those games going!

Thursday - Jenny’s Circle Chat is back this month and it gives you the chance to share your opinion/story with JennyWooz and WoozWorld. This week the theme is funny winter stories. Head to theWzW High Auditorium at 10:00 AM or 6:00 PM WoozTime to share and get a Mystery Gift from Jenny!

Friday – Head over to the Late Night with Mya Show at 11:00 AM or 7:30 PM WoozTime to catch up on all the latest happenings in WoozWorld! If you get there early, you will get to ask Mya a question when her show is over!

Woozen Articles

 How To Get Published On The WoozBlog” by rainstar

Hi Woozens! I’m Rainstar and today I’ll be showing you how to get published on the WoozBlog, it’s really easy!

There are a lot of factors that are considered:

1) Spelling and Grammar
2) Quality of the article (how long it is, how the sentences are written)
3) Topic of interest (is this something that many Woozens will find interesting?)
4) New/Fresh idea (is this something that many Woozens write about?)

It also helps if you submit an article closer to the dates that the WoozPaper is published. For example, if you submit an article on a Tuesday – then tons of articles will push yours down the list since another won’t be chosen until Friday. Therefore, I would recommend submitting on Sundays and Thursdays for the best chances.
- Woozworld News HQ is located in StylaZ’s first unit!

Have A Woozie Day,

How To Beat A Bully” by Veela303

After MANY articles on the blog about bullying, people are still not listening! Now, don’t just go ‘Whatever I don’t bully and it’s not MY problem’ and go on to read something else. EVERYONE should read the articles. You never know when something useful is said.
1. If you see someone being bullied HELP them don’t ignore it or walk away.
2. When helping don’t be mean back to the bully or shout or anything. Be calm and talk it out.
3. Ask the bully why they are being mean and/or what happened.
4. Then ask the person who was being bullied their side of the story. You never know when someone might not be telling the truth.
5. If the bully continues being mean don’t start yelling or saying loudly ‘I’m reporting you’. Think before you start reporting people. Is it really worth it? I mean, if someone wouldn’t sell you their hairstyle, is that a reason they should be banned from WoozWorld? Just think before you report because if it’s not that bad and you’re overreacting, they won’t be banned and you just wasted a moderator or animators time.
I think I’ve said enough.
WoozWorld needs to be a fun, happy and safe place to be in.
We need to help and care for other people as well as yourself.
We need to stop bullying from happening.

Bye Woozens of the World and a Happy New Year

Spamming” by Cutiegirl23887

Hi Woozens,
Cutiegirl23887 here and I’m going to tell you a few things on spamming. A lot of Woozens are spamming other Woozen’s wallz on WoozIn. Spamming does NOT make you cool. It just messes up other Woozen’s wallz and their friends because it ends up on their news feed. Some Woozens have theirs set up so that it sends to their email and this causes damage too because they may use their parent’s email. This could really upset their parents and get them in trouble. So if you see a spam on your profile delete it and if it says “repost this” DON’T. There are also chain mails that are meant to JUST scare you. A ghost will not harm you just because some random Woozen says that to you via WoozWorld. To prevent this from spreading around here are some useful tips for you:
If you repost, more Woozens will get scared which would make them post to other Woozen’s wallz.
If your friends see it, they may believe it and repost.
By saying this Woozens will be less scared and won’t post it and it won’t spread around.

Well goodbye Woozens! Hopefully I will be on the next blog with more tips! :)

Have a great week,

Get ready for some deadmau5!!


cypress:weekend Unitz Desing challenge

Hey All!

Cypress (with the help of the WoozBand) chose 5 winning Unitz for the Weekend Unitz Design Challenge. The challenge on the weekend was to design a Unitz for Cypress using his favorite colors (redgreenpurple and blue).

Everyone was impressed with the entries over the weekend!

Here are the 5 that caught Cypress & the WoozBand’s eyes!






Keep up the great work Woozens!

Cypress & Your WoozBand

viedo challenge winnerss:

Hey Woozens!

It’s Video Challenge Results Tuesday! The theme last week was Winter Wonderland!! It really got us in the spirit to go and have snow ball fights!

We chose 3 top winners who will each get a shiny Video Trophy (woooo)! You can also click their names to write on their wallz!

Video Challenge Winners




Video Challenge Shout-Outs

There were sooo many fantastic videos that we couldn’t help but pick a few more to feature on the Blog.

Each of the following runners up will get a Mystery Gift for all of their hard work!

Check out these awesome videos by clicking on a Woozen’s name below:






New Weekly Video Challenge

This week’s theme is… tribute to deadmau5!! Since deadmau5 is our guest this week, we’d like YOU to create a video dedicated to deadmau5. It can be anything from a music video to one of his songs to interviews with Woozen’s about him to his visits here in WoozWorld! BE CREATIVE!! When you are happy with the video, upload it to YouTube and copy down the URL (link). Head over to the Woozworld News HQ (owned by StylaZ) and find the Enlist Podz (beside the shiny Video Trophy). Submit the URL(link) to your video along with your Woozen name before midnight on Monday, January 16th, to qualify! The winners will get a Video Trophy!

Happy Filming Woozens!

Your Woozband

the woozpaper vol.80

Happy Friday the 13th Woozens! (Spooky o.O)

I am feeling much better now that I got plenty of rest and chicken noodle soup! A huge THANK YOU goes out to Plush for helping me out with Monday’sWoozPaper, it was great!

Jay’s Starz Unplugged Party featuring deadmau5 is almost here!!!! Tomorrow is the big day so get your tickets ready… it all starts at 2 PM WoozTime! If you don’t have a ticket yet you can still get one from the Woozworld Store. It’s going to be an amazing show that you definitely won’t want to miss! Don’t forget to wear your ears!!!

On Tuesdaydeadmau5 helped your Woozband judge a mega Dance Contest and awarded goldsilver, andbronze trophies to everyone who participated! We put all the gold winners names in Jay’s cap and let deadmau5pick out the grand prize winner who will be announcedTOMORROW at the party!

Highlights of the Week

Monday - Jay’s Freestyle Hour returned this week to find out about your favorite celebrity guests so far! Many of you especially loved seeing Cypress, Bruno Mars, deadmau5, and Willow Smith! Way to go everyone who had the courage to get up on stage and battle it out for a trophy!

The theme of Jay’s Unitz Design was deadmau5! There were some really fantastic entries and as always it wasn’t an easy decision… 10 TOP winners were chosen who will each get 50 Wooz and atrophy!! Another 8 runners up and 3 newer Woozens will also get trophies! Check out these sweet unitz!!!







Runners Up:

Belaryn                                                                                           NeeChee001
micuringoran                                                                                 skylerpreppy123
KristenFaith88                                                                              SaraSpark
GossipLavender9                                                                         PiixelTux

New Woozens:


Tuesday - The search was on for another Star of the Week! Woozens showed off their Arctic Festclothing for a chance to win a key to Mya’s Fashion Show and compete for the title! After yet another super close contest, our winner and brand new star is DarknessSpreads! Congratz! You can view a picture from the show at Mya’s Albumz on her WoozIn and see all the past stars on her Woozen Walk of Fame!

Wednesday - It was all fun and games at Max’s Game Show!!! Woozens played Revenge, Wolf, Title Twins, Crack the Code, the Color Game, and Lucky/Unlucky! It was such a blast so thanks to everyone who came out and showed some gaming spirit and took a shot at winning an exclusive Game Podz!

Thursday - The topic for Jenny’s Circle Chat was funny winter stories! There were so many hilarious tales that it wasn’t easy picking favorites… In the end Jenny picked loveya—Sharppie-,neongirlrocks99-CrystalPinkRebel, and glovbrit11! Way to go!!!

Friday - Today is another one of the famous Late Night with Mya Shows! Find out what happened over the week and what’s coming up soon at 11:00 AM or 7:30 PM WoozTime! Line up early if you want to ask Mya a question, otherwise show up on time and enjoy the show!!

Woozen Articles

“FoodZ in Woozworld” by BridgetBre

Hey Woozens! Im BridgetBre and I’m gonna talk about food today.
You can go to the FoodZ Show Room and purchase the food machine, there are variety of choices such as pizza,juice,chocalate, and much much more. What can you do with the food besided eat it? Here are some choices:
1) start a restaurant , you can earn wooz and beex and have some fun
2) use them for prizes games and more!
3) have a feast with your family its fun to share and enjoy the meal with your friends and family
It’s always fun too try new thing so give one a try! When life gives you apples make apple juice try new things and find more ways to use your food. Have fun, Woozen!

“Show your Creativity!” by Armiin

Hey Woozens! Did you ever read woozblog and thinking how to make cool unitz like woozens who are on wooozblog,how to write cool articles (reports),how to become a star of the week and etc…Hmm you know you got cool clothes, ideas, poems,etc..
It’s your time to share it! I will tell u how!
Jay unitz design Challenge!
1. Read always woozblog (every friday,monday)
Now at monday is unitz design challenge..If theme is for example
Winter Wonderland.Use your imaggination to make the biggest wonderland in winter (Use your dreams,imaggination) and you will make the best wonderland if u are creative.Don’t forget to use design and decoration.
Ice Color code -D5FCFD (for example)
2. Articles!
Articles are for writing about something cool use ur reporter creativity (ARTicle) use art..
You can write your article in StylaZ Woozworld News HQ unitz!
Write about something what is happening or happened in woozworld (in the best and really intersting story) (Use art again and imaggination) lol.Look at articles down on woozblog and u will get cool idea
3. Mya Fashion Show
Read every monday in woozblog what u need to have to get key for Mya fashion show..Use Cool colors, make your own style so you can get more points,
If theme on Mya fashion show is winter use winter colors (Ice blue and white-i already gave to u woozens color code)
If theme for key is something from woozworld store you can allways buy it by clicking on store on the top of screen!
Results of this are:
Become a Famous (Popular)
You show you creativity
People love your unitz, articles,style..etc!
Good luck woozens! Your Armiin :)

“Woozen Tips to Avoid getting Bored” by –Almer11–

Hi Guys, now a days i herd some of the woozen tell woozworld is Bored. Well seriously its NOT, there’s ALOT things to discover and play with, these are some tips…
1. Play plantz, Earn Beex, and Wooz (if your VIP) and some Extra Mystery Gifts!
2. Bookz! Collect Books and put it on your bookshelf! And you earn extra beex too ;)
3. Quest! Woozworld has Alot of Quest, like Stylaz Winter wonderland quest, Jaywooz maze games, Bookz Quest and SO MUCH MORE!!
4. Make shops, closet, your own hangout room, house, bedroom, kitchen, and so much more.. Just Be Creative!
5. EVENTZ!! There’s Alot of amazing things Happening on Woozworld, Just check eventz. It can have games, cheap shops, weddings, hangout and so much more!!
So, I hope you discover them All. Am telling you guys woozworld is NOT boring, so much more to discover and to play with..
Thanks For Reading my Article!! -Hope helped :)

Have a wicked time at Jay’s Starz Unplugged Party featuring deadmau5 tomorrow!


the woozpaper vol.80

Good Day Woozens!

It’s a brand new week of eventz and contests to look forward to! I’m back and better than ever and ready to tell you all about it!!!

But first, let’s talk about this weekend… it was insaaaaaane!!!!!

Jay hosted his first ever Starz Unplugged Party featuring the one and onlydeadmau5!

Everyone was invited to hangout in the main lobby with your Woozband for a countdown to the show… and over 1450 Woozens showed up!!!

Then once it started Woozens headed off to their very own sections in Halls A,B, and C to watch a special deadmau5 concert with all their friends!

Meanwhile, at Backstage A and B deadmau5 and your Woozband were touring around giving out prizes, hanging out, and dancing to the beats with ticket holders!!! Check out this awesome pic from Backstage B10 with Mya:

You might have also noticed the billboards on the side of the concert Halls… a new eventz begins this week…

It’s the Arctic Festival!!!

Starting this week, you’ll be able to participate in all kinds of activities that will give you the chance to become Woozworld’s first ever Arctic King or Arctic Queen! There will also be some great new VIP deals to help you join in on the fun! Full details will be posted on the Blog later this week so keep checking back! Oh yeah… the prizes are UNREAL so you’ll definitely want to try and win this!

This Week in Woozworld

Monday - In honor of Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards, the theme for Jay’s Unitz Design Challengethis week is “Gold”! Pick up a few items that might help you and then submit your finished design toJay’s Unitz Design HQ before midnight on Thursday to qualify. The winners will each get 50 Wooz and a special trophyTrophies will also be awarded to a few runners up and newer Woozen participants so try your best, you never know!

Jay’s Freestyle Hour is back again and this time we want you to share with us an acrostic poem using the letters “WINTER”! Head over to Jay’s Poetry Cafe at 4:00 PM WoozTime to read your poem for a chance to win a trophy or a Mystery Gift!!

Tuesday - It’s that time again… time to find a new Star of the Week!!! Will it be you? Well, there’s only one way to find out! Read below to find out how you can compete for a chance to be our next big star!

  1. Dress in your best deadmau5 fashion
  2. Make a Display Eventz between 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM WoozTime
  3. Wait for Mya to visit you and judge your fashion styles
  4. If you win a key, go to Mya’s Fashion Show at 12:00 PM WoozTime to compete!
  5. Good luck and may the best mau5 win!!!

Wednesday - If you love playing classic Woozworld games and winning prizes then this is the eventz for you! Join your friends and have some fun at Max’s Game Show this week! It’s happening at 11:00 AMand then again at 5:00 PM WoozTime so get there early if you don’t want to be stuck in queue!

Thursday - This week at Jenny’s Circle Chat we’ll be discussing the Starz Unplugged Party featuring deadmau5! If you’d like to share your thoughts on the eventz, the concert, or on deadmau5 himself then go to the WzW High Auditorium at 9:00 AM or 7:00 PM WoozTime. Jenny will give out Mystery Gifts andtrophies to her favorite speakers as well!

Friday - The Late Night with Mya Show takes place at 11:00 AM and 6:30 PM WoozTime! Find out everything you need to know about all the eventz and contests going on… then at the end you’ll have a chance to ask Mya a question or two! Get there early if you want to beat the queue!!!

Woozen Articles

“Be Careful When Trading!” by purplerulz875

Hey my fellow woozens!! I’m sure when you go onto woozworld people have asked you to trade items and you’ve agreed. Sometimes the trade doesn’t work out, because that person ended up tricking you! So when trading, here are some tips :
- When they offer you to trade ask them if you have to go first. If they say that they’re willing to trade first, you can probably trust that person, and if you’re okay with the trade, agree.
-If they tell you to go first, make sure u can completely trust the person. Trading with random woozens may not be the best idea, because you don’t know if they’re a scammer or not.
-If you do end up getting scammed report the woozen.
-Remember it’s just a game and it’s all for fun, so try not to get TOO upset about it! =)
Hope this helped!

“Fashion Sense!” by Kayla20101

Here are some tips on how to look cute in Woozworld! :)
1-Always have your favorite colors on hand! Purples, pink, blues, they all look great!
2- Don’t be afraid to mix n’ match! Maybe a purple skirt and some hot pink leggings! :D
3- Patterns! Floral, plaid, anything is really cute with the right colors! :D
4- Last but not least, Woozpets!! Woozpets are the best addition to sweet look! Either a cat, dog, dragon, wolf, bat, etc. They are are adorable! Its best to have a matching collar to your outift! Or even an outfit of their own!
I hope these help you! :)

“Deadmau5″ by Justin694a

Deadmau5. Thats what everyone was talking about. The huge loved superstar came to woozworld for a party with Jay wooz. Tickets were selling FAST it was huge! no woozen wanted to miss it. I myself was waiting it the Deadmau5 concert lounge waiting for the clock time to run out. When the clock time ran out every single woozen there shouted and screamed chanting Deadmau5. Almost every single woozen there had a Deadmau5 shirt head or ears! All the woozens were standing in there unitz or the lounge than it hit two o clock .Everyone piled in to the backstage unitz to say hi to Deadmau5 and Jay in my thoughts I have to say thank you Deadmau5 and Jay and woozens for making this a memory.
By: Justin694a


Reminder: The Video Challenge Winners Blog will be out on Tuesday to give us time to watch all of your fantastic videos!

  i love woozworld!!